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Shellfish Permits and Licenses

Commercial shellfish diggers are required by law to hold specific permits to conduct shellfish harvesting activities. Shellfish shippers and shellfish processors are also required to hold permits, based on the type of shellfish handling carried out at their facilities. These permits are issued by DEC Marine Permit Office (MPO), for more information or to request a permit application, contact or call 631-444-0470.

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Recreational shellfish diggers are not required to hold a permit from DEC but are subject to daily harvest limits for each type of shellfish. but are advised to check with their local town to inquire about recreational permits for shellfish harvesting.

All shellfish diggers are required to complete the Shellfish Harvester Training Certification. Please direct questions regarding the training to

Please make sure to review our shellfish harvesters and shipper guidance documents:

Visit DEC's Vibrio Control Plan for more information on the importance of proper shellfish safety.

Responsibility of Shellfish Harvesters

Shellfish Harvest Areas

The areas on this map are used to document the general harvest locations where shellfish were taken. Commercial shellfish harvesters must record on harvest tags their name, shellfish diggers permit number, the date of harvest, common name of shellfish, numerical count, net weight or standard measure of shellfish in the container, and the shellfish harvest area. Commercial shellfish harvesters are advised to use a more specific place name for the area where they harvested (such as local names), in addition to the harvest area.

For more specific information contact the Shellfish Harvest Area Classification Unit at (631) 444-0492 or Shellfish Inspection Unit at (631) 444-0494.

New York State Shellfish Harvest Areas Map