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"I FISH NY" Fishing Patch Program

Younger girls, grades K-6, must complete two activities from Discover and one activity from Connect. Older girls, grades 6-12, must complete two activities from Discover and two activities from either Connect or Take Action. In addition, all girls must complete activity one from Take Action.


  1. Identify three local fresh or saltwater fish species. Learn the function of the outside body parts of fish.
    Evaluation: draw a picture of one local fish species and label its body parts.
  2. Learn to tie two common fishing knots such as the clinch, improved clinch, palomar or dropper loop'
    Evaluation: show a friend or family member how to tie two fishing knots.
  3. Identify safety concerns when fishing and boating. Learn how to safely cast a fishing rod. If assistance is needed, contact a local fishing club or bait and tackle shop.
    Evaluation: proficiently cast to a target 20 feet away
  4. Identify different types of fishing rods and bait options. Learn when it's best to use each type
    Evaluation: create a poster or drawing showing different types fishing tackle.


  1. Plan a trip, or use books or the internet to identify places to fish in your area.
    Evaluation: tell a friend or family member what you've learned.
  2. Meet a New York State Environmental Conservation Police Officer. Learn about rules and regulations, stewardship and conservation.
    Evaluation: describe what you learned in a thank you letter to the officer.
  3. Visit a local fish hatchery to learn how fish are raised and their role in New York State's fishery.
    Evaluation: write a paragraph detailing what you learned from your hatchery visit.
  4. Spread the word about fishing by making a poster or collage that expresses good stewardship practices.
    Evaluation: put it on display at your library, school or recreation center

Take Action:

  1. Go out and fish! Be sure to be a good steward.
    Suggestions: select a site with a pier or good, open shoreline access.
  2. Develop and perform a community service project that will benefit New York State's fishery.
    Suggestions: assist a local group that is conducting a fishing event or hold a clean up on a local body of water.
  3. Conduct an interview, or use books or the internet to learn about two fisheries management issues facing New York State today.
    Suggestions: environmentally-friendly fishing tackle such as lead-free sinkers, barbless hooks or circle hooks, threatened or endangered fish species, invasive plants or animals, overfishing or fish passage.


After completing the program, please fill out the evaluation form (PDF, 8 KB). The form is required to pick up patches. I FISH NY patches are available at your local Girl Scout Shop.

Contact Girl Scouts of Nassau County

110 Ring Road West
Garden City, NY 11530
Council Phone:(516) 741-2550
Council Fax: (516) 741-2207


Connequot River State Park Preserve (link goes off DEC's website) | contact information for the fish hatchery in Oakdale, NY.

Kozlowski, Greg. Getting Started: A Beginner's Guide to Freshwater Fishing. Call 631-444-0280 for a free copy.

New York State Department of Environmental Conservation | provides information on fishing, fish species, rules and regulations and more.

Nor'east | information on fishing knots and more.

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Take me Fishing | general fishing information such as locations, techniques and more.

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