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DEC Fisheries Research Vessel Seth Green

The R/V Seth Green is operated by the New York DEC Lake Ontario Unit based at the Cape Vincent Fisheries Station. It's primary function is to conduct annual assessments of Lake Ontario's fish stocks to provide information necessary to manage the lake's resources. Most of the sampling programs are carried out in conjunction with the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources or the USGS's Biological Resource Division's office in Oswego, NY. Vessel time is also available to other researchers with compatible interests.

The Seth Green is a full displacement hull designed primarily for trawling, but capable of carrying out a wide variety of sampling tasks. The vessel is rigged for stern trawling with split winches and net drum, and features an enclosed shelterdeck where the fish processing can be carried out in relative comfort. The shelterdeck also houses a 36" Crosely gillnet lifter and secondary steering station. The area also provides a dry area for sounders and computers during hydroacoustic surveys. In 1996 outriggers were added to the vessel which has allowed the crew to work in less favorable weather. This has increased the safety of the crew as well as the quality of the survey results, especially in hydroacoutics work.


LWL- 46 ft, beam- 17 ft, draft- 8 ft
Gross Tonnage- 50 tons
Year Built- 1985
Builder- Newport Offshore, Newport, RI
Designer- Napier Co., Arbroath, Scotland

Main Engine- Cat 3306TA 235 bhp
Auxillary- Northern Lights 30kw 220v 3ph
Fuel Capacity-2200 US gal.
Cruising Speed- 8.2 knots
Accommodations- 4 persons overnight

Navigational Equipment

Furuno 48mi radar
VHF (2)
Northstar 941 GPS w/differential correction
Furuno LC II Loran
166mhz Pentium computer running
Navtrek 97 navigational software
Furuno dual frequency color video sounder
Simrad EL paper sounder
Wagner Mark IV autopilot

Sampling Equipment

Alec ABT-1 depth/temperature profiler
Wallace and Tiernan bathythermograph (2)
Scanmar netsounde
Simrad EY500 split beam hydroacoustics sounder
1m plankton nets
vacuum filter for water sampling
Satorius motion averaging electronic platform balance

Standard Trawling Gear and Gillnets

Three-in-one bottom trawl, 60ft. headrope with adjustable cookie sweep.
USA Jet cambered, slotted V doors 47"x30" size B
French Midwater trawl, 9x7m opening w/ 5.3 sq.ft. head and footrope kites
Superkrub midwater trawl doors, 1.5 sq.m.
Standard monofiliament gillnets: 8' deep x 450 ft.; 50 ft. panels of 2"- 6" str. mesh 1/2" increments.

Standard Trawling Assessment Sites

Lake Ontario map showing sites of trawl assessments

Standard Hydroacoustic Survey Cruise Track

Lake Ontario map showing vessel survey cruise path