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West Branch Fish Creek

The West Branch of Fish Creek is a medium sized stream located in Oneida and Oswego counties. Its origin is Kasoag Lake in Oswego County, near the town of Williamstown. It then flows easterly for approximately 29 miles before joining with the East Branch of Fish Creek near Blossvale, Oneida County, to form Fish Creek; which flows into Oneida Lake at Sylvan Beach. As the West Branch meanders, it flows through three state forests: Kasoag, Orton Hollow, and Fish Creek.

Public Access

There are 27.8 miles of Public Fishing Rights (PFR's) along the West Branch of Fish Creek, with 18 miles in Oneida County and 9.8 miles in Oswego County. There are four official angler parking areas along the Oneida County section of the creek. There are no official PFR parking areas in Oswego County. Anglers use unofficial pull-offs along the stream.

Parking Areas

  • Lovers Lane. From Williamstown take County Route 17 north for 3/4 mile. Take left onto Lovers Lane, parking area is about a 1/2 mile down Lovers Lane.
  • Cemetery Road. Located off Cemetery Road in Westdale.
  • VanBuren Road. From Camden head north on State Route 13 (SR13) for around 1.75 miles, turn right onto Howard Road and go 400 yards and make left onto VanBuren Road.
  • Pennymix Road. From Camden head north on SR13 for around 1.85 miles, take left onto Pennymix Road. Parking area is a half mile on left.
  • Trestle Road. From Camden head south on SR13 for around 3 miles, take left onto Trestle Road. Parking area is on east side of stream.

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Fish Species

Brown trout, brook trout, and Atlantic salmon.

General Fishing Information

Stocked brown trout and the occasional wild brook trout are the main game fish. Good baits for the stocked trout are worms, salted minnows, and simulated natural baits like Gulp or PowerBait. Lures to try are spinners, spoons, small plastics (2" twister tails or tube baits) and stickbaits.

In addition to the brown and brook trout, there is the chance of catching an Atlantic salmon in the creek. The Fish Creek Atlantic Salmon Club operates an Atlantic salmon hatchery on the West Branch of Fish Creek in McConnellsville. Fry raised at the hatchery are stocked into the West Branch, along with some other area streams. For more information, please visit the Fish Creek Atlantic Salmon Club web site.


Special Fishing Regulations Apply.

Fisheries Management

There are three Stocked reach sections on the West Branch of Fish Creek. The Stocked reach from Mill Pond Way in McConnellsville upstream to confluence with Thompsons Branch is stocked annually with around 5,960 one year-old (9") and 640 two year-old (14") brown trout. The Stocked reach from 0.5 miles downstream of Westdale Dam upstream to Oneida/Oswego County Line receives 710 one year-old and 80 two year-old brown trout. The Stocked reach From 0.5 miles downstream of State Route 13 upstream to 0.5 miles upstream of Base Bridge Road receives 940 one year-old and 100 two year-old brown trout.