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Golden Pond

Aerial View of Golden Pond
Aerial view of Golden Pond.

Tucked away in Crocheron Park in Queens, Golden Pond is one of the lesser known bodies of water in NYC. Compared to nearby Oakland Lake it is small but it is a pond that can pack a big wallop. While the western half of the lake is shallow, muddy, and full of carp; the southeastern end of the lake is home to some surprisingly large largemouth bass and crappies. A low amount of aquatic vegetation in spring contributes positively to the angling experience as there is less chance of having your tackle caught in the weeds.

Physical Features:

Area: 1.5 acres
Depth: 4 feet


The best way to get to Crocheron Park is by car, but public transportation is also an option. From Times Square take the F train towards Jamaica, exit 169st. Take the Q31 bus North toward Bayside 27th Ave, exit 35th Ave and Bell blvd then walk east on 35th all the way to the lake.

Fish Species:

Black crappie, Bluegill, Common carp, Largemouth bass, Pumpkinseed


To catch a good-sized largemouth bass, try a soft plastic bait like a plastic worm, Texas or wacky rigged. In summer try reaction baits such as topwater lures, crankbaits, jerk baits, spinnerbaits, or swimbaits. Bluegill can be caught using a bobber and live worms. Remember to tamp down all barbs on your hooks as New York City regulations require the use of barbless hooks.

Backpack electrofishing and trap nets provided limited information on fish populations, but did indicate that Golden Pond has some nice-sized fish. Largemouth bass over 18 inches and four pounds were found, along with good-size black crappies.


Special regulations apply. See Special Fishing Regulations for NYC.

New York City Department of Parks and Recreation rules require the use of non-lead weights and barbless hooks.