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Fishing the West Canada Creek

West Canada Creek is one of the most renowned trout streams in central New York, providing anglers with good fishing for both brown trout and brook trout. Beginning with its headwaters in the southeastern Adirondacks in Hamilton County, West Canada Creek provides good fishing opportunities throughout its length as it flows east and then south through Herkimer and Oneida counties, emptying into the Mohawk River near Herkimer.


With approximately 26 miles of accessible stream frontage and 11 parking lots, West Canada Creek is easy to access.

How to Find Access Sites

To find parking and stream access sites along West Canada Creek, use one of the following interactive maps:

Important Information

Respect Landowners When Fishing on Streams with Public Fishing Rights (PFR): PFR are conservation easement agreements between DEC and landowners along the stream banks. Please respect these landowners and their property at all times. Learn more about fishing on streams with PFR.

WARNING - Fast Rising Water through Dam Releases: Below Trenton Falls and the Hinckley Dam, West Canada Creek is subject to sudden water surges from the upstream power dam. Wading anglers must be careful to watch for rising waters and quickly move to shore. Canoeists may find that the higher water associated with water releases can be beneficial for accessing fish. During lower water conditions, boats can sometimes run aground. Whether wading or paddling, it is recommended that everyone wear a personal flotation device.


Anglers can catch a number of different fish species in West Canada Creek.

  • In the upper reaches, brook trout are the favorite. Many anglers are rewarded with nice sized brookies that are stocked here annually. In addition, anglers will find naturally occurring brookies near the mouths of small tributaries.
  • From Hinckley Dam to Herkimer, anglers concentrate on fishing for brown trout, which are stocked annually as yearlings and two-year-old's. As an added bonus, smallmouth bass and fallfish also offer sporty catches in the lower section.
  • Trenton Falls, offers the chance for catching trophy-sized fish. Special regulations, like a no kill restriction and use of artificial lures only, combined with an extended fishing season, help produce trophy fish.


Inland Trout Stream Fishing Regulations and Statewide Fishing Regulations apply. Anglers should be familiar with the current fishing regulations prior to fishing any section of West Canada Creek.

Trout Stocking

View the anticipated spring trout stocking lists for Hamilton, Herkimer and Oneida counties to find the approximate date and number of trout to be stocked in West Canada Creek.

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