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Game Harvest Reporting

Hunters are required to report the harvest of deer, bear, and turkey within 7 days of take. You may report your harvest using one of these methods:
Did you know? A judge may fine you up to $250 for failing to report your deer, bear or turkey take.
  • Begin your online game harvest report (leaves DEC website). Note: Macintosh computer users should use Mozilla Firefox as a web browser to report your harvest. Download Mozilla Firefox for free (leaves DEC website).
  • Call the toll-free automated reporting system at 1-866-GAME-RPT (1-866-426-3778).
  • Use the New Game Harvest Mobile App (see below for details).

Attention Bear Hunters: DEC would like to collect a tooth from your harvested bear to determine its age. You may process your bear, but please save the skull or lower jaw. DEC will either contact you or mail you a tooth collection packet.

Take It • Tag It • Report It: Harvest reporting is the LAW, and necessary for wildlife management!

Report your Game Harvests via Mobile App!

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The HuntFishNY App can be downloaded from the Apple App store (leaves DEC website) or Google Play store (leaves DEC website). To report your harvest, simply click on the appropriate tag in the app and confirm that the tag in your hand matches the tag that you are trying to report in the app. Once you have confirmed that the numbers match, fill out your harvest information and select submit!

NOTE: You will need a DEC Automated Licensing System (DECALS) user name and password in order to access your license documents through the app. If you have not yet created an online user name and password, visit the DECALS website (leaves DEC website). Questions? Call our sporting license hotline at 866-472-4332.

To submit your harvest report you will need the following information:

For All Species:

  1. The 12-digit DOC # (phone-in reports) or the Customer ID # (internet reports) on your license privilege panel, carcass tag, or back tag
  2. Your date of birth (you will be asked for 2-digit month, then 2-digit day)
  3. Location of kill: County, Town, and Wildlife Management Unit
  4. Date of kill and hunting season
  5. Sex of the animal
  6. In addition, you will need:


  • Implement used in hunt (bow, muzzleloader, crossbow, rifle/shotgun, handgun)
  • Season during which deer was taken (regular, archery, muzzleloading)


  • Implement used in hunt (bow, muzzleloader, crossbow, rifle/shotgun, handgun)
  • Season during which bear was taken (regular, archery, muzzleloading)
  • Age of bear (adult, cub, unknown)
  • Please save the skull or lower jaw for DEC to collect a tooth to age the bear. You will be asked additional contact information of where your bear will be located. DEC will either contact you to arrange collection of the tooth or will send you a packet with instructions for collecting the tooth and a return envelope.

Spring Turkey

  • Turkey's spur length (none, less than 1/2", 1/2" or longer, unknown)
  • Turkey's beard length (less than 3", 3" but less than 7 1/2", 7 1/2" or longer, unknown)
  • Turkey's weight to the nearest pound

Fall Turkey

  • Please save a leg from your turkey. You may be asked to submit a turkey leg for DEC to age and sex the turkey. Instructions will be provided.

Your harvest data is important to us and to the future of New York's game management.

Note: If you do not have all the required tag information when you attempt to report, you must try again. Reporting your game take is mandatory and is necessary for proper game management. DEC biologists will use this information to determine game harvests and to set future hunting seasons.

You may report take via DECALS by calling 1-866-GAME-RPT (1-866-426-3778) toll-free or via the online reporting system.

More about Game Harvest Reporting:

  • Estimating the Deer Harvest - This article describes the importance of game harvest reporting and how harvest estimates are calculated.
  • Black Bear Tooth Collection - This page describes how bear hunters can extract and submit a bear tooth for DEC to determine the bear's age.