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Genegantslet Creek

Genegantslet Creek, also known locally as the "Genny," is a very popular trout stream in Chenango County. It begins just north of East Pharsalia and then meanders for nearly 51 miles to its confluence with the Chenango River. During its long meandering, it flows through the 3,181-acre Genegantslet State Forest.

Public Access

There are 9.6 miles of public fishing rights along Genegantslet Creek. There are four official parking areas, and anglers also use unofficial pull-offs along the stream.

Parking Areas
  • Parking area 1. From the village of McDonough take State Highway 220 east to Creek Road. Go south on Creek road for approximately one mile, parking area is on west side.
  • Parking area 2. From above, continue south on Creek Road 1.5 miles to next parking area.
  • Parking area 3. From above, go west on Creek Road to intersection with State Highway 220. Take 220 south 1.75 miles to art lake road. Go east on Art Lake Road around 400 yards to parking area.
  • Parking area 4. From above, go back to State Highway 220 and then head south 1.7 miles to parking area.

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Fish Species

Brown trout, brook trout, walleye, chain pickerel, smallmouth bass, fall fish, and white sucker.

General Fishing Information

As the Genegantslet nears the Chenango River, it becomes a cool or warmwater fishery, with walleye, chain pickerel, and smallmouth bass replacing trout. A section Genegantslet Creek is open to trout fishing year-round.

When fishing durin the cold water periods of winter and early-spring, concentrate on the deeper holes, fish slowly and keep lures near bottom. Sometimes fishing during the mid-day period after things have had a chance to warm up a little also helps.

Please view Fishing for Stream Trout for more advice on trout fishing.


Inland Trout Stream Fishing Regulations Apply.

Fisheries Management

The Stocked reach from Route 206 upstream to the first Route 220 bridge North of Smithville Flats is stocked annually with around 2,430 one year-old brown trout (9") and 265 two year-old brown trout (14"). The Stocked-Catch and Release reach from first Route 220 bridge North of Smithville Flats upstream to mouth of Five Streams receives around 170 one year-old brown trout and 20 two year-old brown trout.