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Long Island/NYC Fishing

Often recognized for its excellent saltwater fishing, Long Island also provides the angler with outstanding freshwater fishing opportunities in more than 500 lakes and ponds and over 30 miles of streams. Even in New York City, an angler can find good fishing close to home in numerous small ponds and lakes, including those within world-renowned Central and Prospect Parks.

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Access for Anglers with Disabilities

Find accessible fishing piers, platforms and launches that provide access to waters in the Long Island and New York City area.

New York City

There are scattered ponds and lakes across the five boroughs that offer quality freshwater fishing in addition to the abundant saltwater fishing opportunities. All freshwaters within NYC Parks have catch and release fishing regulations, resulting in great fishing with the opportunity to catch a lunker bass.

Download the I FISH NY NYC Fishing Map (PDF) brochure for fishing location information on saltwater and freshwater fish. Request your free copy by email -- be sure to include your name and mailing address.

Nassau County

Most ponds in Nassau County are small park ponds where fishing is only allowed from the shore. However, good action can be found for bass, trout and panfish in many of these ponds. Bass fishing in Nassau County is catch and release only and large bass are not uncommon.

Western Suffolk County

This area offers a diverse fishing opportunity with lake, pond, and stream fishing, from both shore and boat. Bass and other warmwater species are common in most lakes and ponds, and many are stocked with trout as well. Stream fishing is primarily for trout. The Carmans River showcases native brook trout, the only trout species native to Long Island.

Eastern Suffolk County

Offering a more secluded fishing experience, Eastern Suffolk County waters provide fishing for bass, yellow perch, white perch, catfish, and others. Of special note is Fort Pond in Montauk which offers fishing opportunities for largemouth bass, smallmouth bass and walleye. Be sure to review parking and/or angling restrictions for each water body.