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Freshwater Fishing Regulations

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2023 Freshwater Fishing Regulations

(Effective April 1)

Statewide Seasons and Catch Limits

(Exceptions may apply in certain waters through special regulations - see below)

Special Regulations for Specific Waters

Inland Trout Streams

Great Lakes and Tributaries: Lake Erie | Lake Ontario | Niagara River | St. Lawrence River

Finger Lakes and Tributaries

Tidal Hudson River

Border Waters: Delaware River | Lake Champlain | Greenwood Lake | Indian Lake

DEC Regions
Map of DEC Regions

Waters by Region/County:

Additional Regulations and Guidance

General Regulations
Definitions, taking and possession, harvest, purchase and sale, natural baits other than baitfish.

Baitfish Regulations
Use, purchase, collection, possession, and transportation of baitfish

Fishing Licenses
Requirements, types, privileges, and purchasing information on freshwater fishing licenses or enrolling in the recreational marine fishing registration (for migratory fish species only)

Fish Consumption Advisories (link leaves DEC website)
Species, quantity, and waterbody locations from which you can safely eat fish.

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2023 New York Freshwater Fishing Regulations Guide - effective April 1, 2023

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