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Warmwater Fishing in New York

New York State is full of good waters to catch a variety of warmwater fish species. Whether it is plentiful, easily-caught sunfish and panfish, or tackle-busting bass, pike and musky, the state abounds with excellent warmwater fishing opportunities.

While just about any local stream, river, pond and lake is home to some species of warmwater fish, certain bodies of water are known for excellent fishing. Below are lists of the more popular warmwater fishing waters and the fish species found in these waters.

Warmwater Fishing Waters

Adirondack Lakes (PDF*)
Adirondack Rivers (PDF*)
Finger Lakes (PDF*)
Long Island/New York City Waters (PDF*)
Northern New York Lakes (PDF*)
Northern New York Rivers (PDF*)
Southeastern New York Lakes (PDF*)
Southeastern New York Rivers (PDF*)
Western New York Lakes (PDF*)
Western New York Rivers (PDF*)
New York City Reservoirs (PDF*) - Note: a permit is required for recreational activities on all New York City - owned water supply lands. For more information, see New York City's Department of Environmental Protection's Access Permit page (link leaves DEC website).

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