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Wildlife Management Unit Maps-Region 7 (Central NY)

The maps below are of the wildlife management units (WMU) in Central New York (DEC Region 7). When opened, the PDF versions of the maps may be enlarged by clicking on the "plus" button in the tool bar at the top of the screen. JPEG maps will work better on smart phones and other hand held devices. The maps show only the portion of the WMU within Region 7.

The WMU boundaries appear in blue. The boundaries between DEC Regions are brown. Town and county boundaries on the maps are shown in shades of gray. Green areas represent DEC state lands. These maps can be used in conjunction with the "Places to Hunt in Region 7 by WMU" page to enable one to determine what state lands, including wildlife management areas and state forests, exist within any given WMU. They are also useful in determining what private lands lie within any WMU.

Wildlife Management Units in Region 7 - Maps