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Waterway Access Sites on Long Island

In addition to boat launch sites in Nassau County and Suffolk County, DEC operates several waterway access sites on Long Island that have opportunities for a variety of activities. All of these sites are open to the public 24/7.

The Mattituck Creek and Oyster Bay Waterway Access Sites have been designed to provide universal access to recreational opportunities. Both sites are fully accessible to people of all abilities. The Moriches Waterway Access Site has some accessible features as well. DEC maintains a full list of accessible recreation destinations by county.

Mattituck Creek Waterway Access Site

Mattituck, NY

Wooden fishing pier and metal gangway to floating dock at low tide
Accessible fishing pier and dock at Mattituck Creek

trailered boat launchhand boat launchfishing pierpicnickingrestroomsparkingaccessible

The site is located in a scenic location on Mattituck Creek towards the north end of the creek with easy access to Long Island Sound.

This marine access site is the third and largest boat launch site operated by the DEC to provide public access to the waters of Long Island Sound. The facility features a two lane ramp where two boats can be launched/retrieved at the same time. Parking is available for up to 60 cars and trailers. There is a fishing pier and a separate dock designated for kayaks and canoes. The facility also features picnic tables, privies, trail, interpretive materials, wildlife viewing and loading docks. All features and parking locations are accessible to people with disabilities.

Directions: Follow Sound Avenue east through the Town of Riverhead. At the first traffic light in Mattituck, turn left onto Cox Neck Road. After 3/4 of a mile, turn left onto Breakwater Road and follow this for almost a mile to Naugles Drive on the right. The entrance is a 1/4 mile down Naugles Drive on the left. The site is located at 41.011552°N, 72.555860°W - see Google Maps (leaves DEC website).

Oyster Bay Western Waterfront Waterway Access Site

Oyster Bay, NY

Boat ramp with loading dock
Accessible boat launch at Oyster Bay Western Waterfront

trailered boat launchhand boat launchfishing pierpicnickingrestroomsparkingaccessible

The Oyster Bay boat ramp area will accommodate parking for 20 cars with trailers. This facility is located on property purchased by the DEC that was the former location of Jakobson's Shipyard. In addition to a boat ramp, the property has been converted to a passive park that contains a two-acre example of a native coastal planting scheme, a recreated vegetated tidal wetland area and access to a refurbished 500-foot pier for fishing. DEC refurbished the pier in partnership with the Town of Oyster Bay for use by residents and visitors.

The boat launch loading docks, fishing pier, picnic tables, interpretive materials, restrooms, parking spots and paths are accessible to people with disabilities. Wildlife viewing opportunities are available throughout the site. The overall site encompasses a five-acre area. Boaters using this site will be able to access Oyster Bay Harbor, Cold Spring Harbor and Long Island Sound.

Directions: Take Route 106 north into the hamlet of Oyster Bay and continue until coming to Audrey Ave., then turn left. Continue to the stop sign at the corner of Larrabee Ave. and turn right over the railroad tracks onto West End Ave. Continue on this road as it veers to the left and the ramp will be on the right, next to Theodore Roosevelt Memorial Park. The site is located at 40.876005°N, 73.538050°W - see Google Maps (leaves DEC website).

Oyster Ponds Waterway Access Site

East Marion, NY

trailered boat launchhand boat launchfishingparking

The Oyster Ponds Waterway Access Site gives access to Long Island Sound and has parking for 24 cars with trailers and 6 car-only spaces. It has a sand and gravel beach boat launch that can be used for launching small boats only; 4-wheel drive vehicles are required. The site can also be used for hand launching canoes and kayaks. Surf fishing is allowed from the beach.

Signs are in place noting the end of the ramp. The removal of cement slabs from the site after some had been moved by wave action during the winter storm season of 2010-2011 resulted in the length of the ramp being shortened by approximately 36 feet. Individuals using the ramp are advised to be aware of tidal cycles when launching their vessels.

Directions: From the west, take County Road 48 to Route 25 into East Marion and continue east towards Orient. The ramp is on the north side of the road opposite Orient Harbor and adjacent to Truman's Beach. The site is located at 41.140752°N, 72.318287°W - see Google Maps (leaves DEC website).

The Mattituck Creek Waterway Access Site is approximately 18 miles from the Oyster Ponds site.

Moriches Waterway Access Site

East Moriches, NY

trailered boat launchhand boat launchfishingrestroomsparkingaccessible

The Moriches Waterway Access Site offers access to Moriches Bay for shallow water/small boats. There is a concrete boat launch and hand launch. It has parking for 12 cars with trailers and 18 car-only spaces. Fishing is allowed from shore. The site also has three accessible features for people of all abilities: a boardwalk, portable toilet and parking spots.

Directions: From Montauk Highway, turn south onto Atlantic Ave. After 3/4 of a mile turn left onto Moriches Island Road and follow this to Toledo Ave. The parking lot will be on the right. The facility is located just north of the Coast Guard Station in East Moriches. The site is located at 40.792194°N, 72.746495°W - see Google Maps (leaves DEC website).