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Watch a clip about snowmobiling safety and check out other clips on DEC's YouTube Channel.

For questions about snowmobile requirements and snowmobile safety in New York State, please call the Office of Parks, Recreation & Historical Preservation at (518) 474-0446.

The New York State Snowmobile Trail System

A pair of snowmobiles on a trail

The State Snowmobile Trail System includes more than 10,500 miles of snowmobile corridor trails in New York stretching from one end of the State to the other, crossing both public and private land along the way. The trail system is administered by the New York State Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation (OPRHP) and is substantially maintained by snowmobile clubs and funded, in part, by a portion of snowmobile registration fees. Many of these clubs are members of the New York State Snowmobile Association.

For more information about the New York State Snowmobile Trail System please contact:

Snowmobile Unit
Office of Parks, Recreation, and Historic Preservation
625 Broadway
Albany, NY 12238
(518) 474-0446

Snowmobiling on Forest Preserve Lands

Snowmobiles are restricted to marked trails on lands classified as Forest Preserve.

The Adirondack and Catskill Forest Preserve consists of nearly 3 million acres of land. Riding snowmobiles in the Forest Preserve offers the opportunity to enjoy a wide variety of trail experiences. Trails on Forest Preserve lands offer an opportunity to experience a wild forest character through a system of seasonal motor vehicle roads and back country snowmobile trails. Snowmobile trails typically wind through hilly or mountainous terrain within a natural setting, connecting small communities and area attractions. These back country trails generally are narrower than trails on private lands, and are often located on abandoned woods roads or other trails with essentially the character of a foot trail.

Read about the Snowmobile Plan for the Adirondack Park.

Snowmobiling on State Forests, Multiple Use Areas and Unique Areas (Generally referred to as "State Forests")

Over 1,000 miles of snowmobile trails are located on 775,000 acres of State Forests. Some of these are part of the New York State Snowmobile Trail system and others are State Forest Trail Systems which are more local in nature. These trails are identified on the DECinfo Locator and are also highlighted on the individual State Forest pages found on the Places To Go web page.

Snowmobiling on Wildlife Management Areas

Snowmobiles are generally prohibited on Wildlife Management Areas (except on town, county or state highway rights-of-ways and on a limited number of designated snowmobile trails.)

Snowmobiling on Conservation Easements

Snowmobile use on conservation easements varies from easement to easement, based on the rights the State was able to purchase from the private landowner. On most easements, public access is limited to designated trails only, however in some cases is further restricted during hunting season or prohibited entirely. For specific snowmobile trail information on each easement please visit our conservation easement webpage.

Tips for Snowmobile Operation in New York

Snowmobiles on a snowy trail

Please remember to wear your snowmobile helmet, stay on the trail, don't drink and drive, and have a good time.

Privately owned land may have snowmobile restrictions, check with the local club, or posted signs, for more information. See the Links Leaving DEC's Website on the right.

Any snowmobile operated in New York State must be registered with the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), even if it is registered in another state or province, except under certain special circumstances. For more information about snowmobile registration, visit the DMV website (leaves DEC website). A portion of each registration goes to the Snowmobile Trail Development and Maintenance Fund. This fund supports over 10,000 miles of public snowmobile trails in New York State, snowmobile safety education programs and enforcement of NYS snowmobile laws.

Snowmobilers must carry registration and proof of insurance documents on their person, not the snowmobile, at all times while snowmobiling. These documents must be produced at the request of any law enforcement officer or magistrate. Insurance documentation must be produced at the request of anyone who is injured or suffers property damage as a result of operation of a snowmobile. Holders of snowmobile safety certificates must carry the certificate when they are snowmobiling.

For more information about snowmobile requirements and snowmobile safety, please call the Office of Parks, Recreation & Historical Preservation at (518) 474-0446.

Snowmobile Plan for the Adirondack Park

cover page of snowmobile plan for the adirondack park

In October 2006, DEC and OPRHP released the Snowmobile Plan for the Adirondack Park/Final Generic Environmental Impact Statement. The Plan is a supplement of the Statewide Snowmobile Plan, adopted by OPRHP in 1989.

The Adirondack Park snowmobile trail system encompasses more than 1,800 miles of trail on both public and private land. As part of the planning and environmental review process, the trail system was analyzed and a preferred alternative was developed. Included in the preferred alternative is a proposal for the establishment of a community connection trail system. It also outlines a new trail classification system and standards for developing and maintaining trails on DEC managed lands in the Park, while remaining consistent with Article XIV of the State Constitution (leaves DEC website) and respecting the rights and interests of private landowners.