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Beaver Brook Trail System

Wilmington Wild Forest

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The Beaver Brook Trail System is comprised of approximately 6.6 miles of trails in the town of Wilmington, NY. The trails are open to mountain biking, hiking, cross country skiing, and snowshoeing. Trails can be accessed via the Beaver Brook Trailhead, located on Hardy Road approximately 2.2 miles south of its intersection with Route 86 and approximately 1.2 miles north of its intersection with Springfield Road.

This trail network was built, and is maintained, almost entirely by volunteers. Please be respectful of their work and other users as you enjoy these trails.

Trail Information

The trails' number, name, length and rank are as follows:

  • Trail 1 - Double Time is 0.6 mile long and is Ranked Easy
  • Trail 2 - Make Believe is 0.8 mile long and is Ranked Easy
  • Trail 3 - Twisted Pine is 0.3 mile long and is Ranked Hard
  • Trail 4 - Safe Bet is 0.4 mile long and is Ranked Moderate
  • Trail 5 - Good Luck is 0.9 mile long and is Ranked Hard
  • Trail 6 - Coniferous is 0.6 mile long and is Ranked Easy
  • Trail 7 - All-In is 3.0 miles long and ranked Hard


Mileages listed are for individual trail segments only and do not reflect cumulative mileages.

Difficulty Ratings

Trail difficulty ratings are relative to the trails in the Beaver Brook system only. They may differ from difficulty ratings at other facilities

"Rules of the Trail"

The following guidelines describe proper etiquette on shared use trails. They were developed by the International Mountain Bicycling Association (IMBA) to help avoid conflicts between different user groups. For a further explanation of these guidelines, or other mountain bike related information, visit IMBA using the link in the right column.

  1. Ride on Open Trails Only
  2. Follow Leave No Trace Principles
  3. Control Your Bicycle
  4. Yield To Others
  5. Never Scare Animals
  6. Plan Ahead

Muddy Trails

During the spring, and after heavy rains, local soils often become saturated and highly susceptible to erosion. Please avoid biking or hiking when trails are wet. Your patience and consideration will be appreciated by all users of these trails.

Hunting Season

As with all New York State Forest Preserve lands, the lands within the Wilmington Wild Forest are open to hunting (subject to all applicable laws and regulations). Please be aware that hunting may occur in this area during any open season