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Public Input and Surveys on Deer and Bear Hunting

New York deer hunter

Black Bear Management and Hunting Surveys

Understanding public experiences with black bears and bear-related impacts is essential for setting appropriate black bear management objectives, and information from hunters is important to develop regulations that meet management objectives and balance hunter satisfaction.

Understanding Black Bear Hunting in New York State (PDF) April 2020

Understanding Local Residents' Bear Population Preferences (PDF) June 2019

White-tailed Deer Management and Hunting Surveys

Public attitudes and experiences with white-tailed deer and hunter opinions about deer hunting provide key data for DEC deer managers to set management objectives and harvest regulations.

Survey of New York Hunters about Crossbows (PDF) April 2019

Hunter Satisfactions with Deer Harvest Opportunities in New York State (PDF) April 2015

Opinions of Youth Hunters and Mentors for the Timing of a Youth Firearms Deer Hunt in New York State (PDF) January 2012

2010 Statewide Deer Hunter Survey (PDF) June 2011

2007 Statewide Deer Hunter Survey: Participation During the '06 Seasons, Opinions about Hot-Button Issues, and Trends in Characteristics of Hunters (PDF) June 2008

Deer Hunting and Deer Hunting Trends in New York State (PDF) January 2000

Deer Hunter Attitudes about Antler Restrictions

Antler point restrictions increase the average age of hunter-harvested adult bucks by prohibiting hunters from taking small-antlered bucks. DEC has conducted substantial research to understand hunter values related to buck hunting.

Hunters' Experiences with and Attitudes about Antler Restrictions in Wildlife Management Units 3C, 3J, 3H, and 3K during the 2010 Hunting Season (PDF) June 2011

Longitudinal Evaluation of a Quality Deer Management Cooperative, King Ferry, NY: Final Report (PDF) August 2009

Assessment of Deer Hunters' Support for Antler Restrictions in Wildlife Management Units 3A, 4G, 4O, 4P, 4R, 4S, 4W, and 4X(PDF) March 2009

Deer Hunters' Assessment of Antler Restrictions in Wildlife Management Units 3C, 3J, 3H, and 3K During the 2007 Hunting Season (PDF) December 2008

Evaluation of Antler Restrictions in DEC Region 3: 2nd Year in 3C and 3J, 1st Year in 3H and 3K (PDF) June 2008

Landowner and Hunter Response to Implementation of a Quality Deer Management Cooperative near King Ferry, New York (PDF) 2007

Opinions of Deer Hunters in Wildlife Management Units 7F, 7H, and 7J About Possible Changes in Buck Harvest Management (PDF) February 2007

Ulster County Deer Hunters' Satisfaction with the Pilot Antler Restriction Program in Wildlife Management Units 3C and 3J (PDF) May 2006