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Public Input on Fishing Regulations

The public usually has 2 different opportunities to provide input on fishing regulations being considered:

  1. Formal Rule Making Process (required): Fishing regulation changes must move through the State's formal rule making process to become actual regulations. This includes a formal public comment period (often with a minimum of 45 days), providing people the opportunity to submit formal comments on the proposed regulations. At the end of the comment period, the DEC reviews and takes into consideration submitted comments. The DEC then develops and submits a Final Rule Making package to the Department of State to adopt the regulations.
  2. Informal Comments on Fishing Regulation Ideas Being Considered: Prior to going through the formal rule making process, DEC routinely puts forth ideas being considered as changes to the current fishing regulations. Obtaining initial public feedback during this earlier and informal phase helps DEC gauge public interest and support, and provides an opportunity to learn of any concerns that may exist with the modifications being initially considered. It is important to keep in mind that these are only ideas which may or may not be formally proposed at a later time.

Current Available Opportunities for Public Comment

At this time there are no proposed regulations available for public comment.