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Nanticoke Creek

Nanticoke Creek, located in Broome County, begins near Nanticoke Lake and then meanders for approximately 22 miles to its confluence with the Susquehanna River.

Public Access

There are 1.3 miles of public fishing rights (PFR) spread out along Nanticoke Creek. There are currently three official PFR parking areas, anglers also use unofficial pull-offs along the stream.

Cross Road - 2 miles north of Maine on Nanticoke Road to Cross Road.

Route 26 - take Nanticoke road north of Maine to Route 26.

Shadowbrook Drive - 1.3 miles south of Maine on Route 26 to Shadowbrook Drive.

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Fish Species

Brown trout, smallmouth bass, chain pickerel, rock bass, fall fish, and white sucker.

General Fishing Information

Stocked brown trout can be caught in the upper river from the village of Nanticoke to the village of Maine. In the lower river from the village of Maine downstream, warmwater fish like smallmouth bass, rock bass and chain pickerel are more common. Most of the fishing pressure takes place during spring and early-summer shortly after the trout are stocked. Anglers fishing the stream use both natural and artificial baits, fly fishing is also popular on the stream. Please view Fishing for Stream Trout for more advice on trout fishing.


Statewide Fishing Regulations Apply.

Fisheries Management

The Stocked reach from the railroad bridge 0.5 miles upstream of confluence with Susquehanna River upstream to the Route 26 bridge is stocked annually with around 840 year-old brown trout (9"), and 90 two year-old brown trout (14"). The Stocked reach from Pollard Hill Road upstream to Cross Road is stocked with around 1,780 year-old and 190 two year-old brown trout.

The Stocked reach of the East Branch of Nanticoke Creek is from confluence with Nanticoke Creek upstream to 0.5 miles upstream of confluence with Nanticoke Creek is stocked with 170 year-old and 20 two year-old brown trout.

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