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Limestone Creek

DeRuyter Reservoir will be drawn down over the next few months to allow dam repair work to take place. During the lake drawdown period this fall, anglers should expect higher than normal flows in Limestone Creek.

Limestone Creek, located in Onondaga and Madison counties, begins as an outflow of DeRuyter Reservoir and meanders for approximately 25 miles to its confluence with Butternut Creek, which then flows into Chittenango Creek. Limestone Creek is a very popular trout fishing location as it is heavily stocked, supports good numbers of wild trout, and flows through multiple metropolitan areas.

Public Access

There are 1.75 miles of PFR along Limestone Creek. There are no official PFR parking areas, so anglers use unofficial pulloffs along the stream. Anglers can also find parking in the Villages of Manlius and Fayetteville.

Mill Run Park, located on Mill Street in the Village of Manlius, also offers public access.

Limestone Creek Public Fishing Rights Brochure and Maps (PDF)

Fish Species

Brown trout, brook trout, and white sucker.

General Fishing Information

Stocked and wild brown and brook trout can be found in the creek, with wild brook trout being less common. The upper section of stream is small and brushed line; as you get below Route 20 the stream becomes wider and more open. This area from Route 20 to Fayetteville has the most suitable habitat for trout and is thus a popular fishing area. From Fayetteville downstream the stream slows down and widens further. There are some trout in this area, but warmwater species begin to become more common. Most of the fishing pressure takes place during spring and early-summer shortly after the trout are stocked.

The section of Limestone Creek from its mouth (where it combines with Butternut Creek) to Route 20 is open to trout fishing year-round. Anglers have the opportunity to fish this section during the winter and early spring. When fishing during these cold water periods, concentrate on the deeper holes, fish slowly and keep baits near bottom. Sometimes fishing during the mid-day period after things have had a chance to warm up a little also helps. Please view Fishing for Stream Trout for more advice on trout fishing.


Special fishing regulations apply (leaving DEC website to official Fishing Regulations Guide vendor website).

Fisheries Management

The East Branch of Limestone Creek is stocked with 1,000 year-old brown trout (8-9"). The Onondaga County section of Limestone Creek is stocked annually by Onondaga Counties Carpenter's Brook Fish Hatchery with around 8,000 one year-old brown trout (8-9"), 4,200 two year-old brown trout (12-14") and 1,000 one year-old brook trout (9-11"). The West Branch of Limestone Creek is also stocked by Carpenter's Brook with 500 one year-old brown trout (8-9"), 175 two year-old brown trout (12-14") and 200 one year-old brook trout (9-11").