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Pelham Bay Park and Orchard Beach

Bronx, Bronx County

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Pelham Bay/Orchard Beach is the largest park in New York City. Nearly 3,000 acres encompass forest, marshland and rocky coastline, as well as a one-mile swimming beach. The varied habitat supports a diversity of wildlife throughout the park. A swamp in the Central Woodlands is a prime environment for migratory songbirds and ruby-throated hummingbirds. Harbor seals can be seen in the winter months during low tide along the coastline. Several red-tailed hawks make their home high in the forest trees.

Wildlife to Watch

Where to Watch

  • Trails
  • Lookouts
  • Visitors center
  • Forests, marshlands and coastline

Recreational Opportunities

  • Swimming
  • Canoeing and kayaking
  • Picnic Facilities
  • Playgrounds and sports courts


2,700 acres

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Contact Information

Address: Orchard Beach Rd., Bronx NY 10464

Telephone: 718-430-1891

Website: Pelham Bay Park (This link leaves DEC's website)

Photo Credits: Daniel Avila, NYC Dept. of Parks and Recreation