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NYS Conservation Fund Advisory Board

The New York State Conservation Fund Advisory Board (CFAB) was established by law to make recommendations to state agencies on state government plans, policies, and programs affecting fish and wildlife.

The Conservation Fund Advisory Council was first established as a branch of the State Executive Department (State Finance Law, §83 Conservation Fund). In 1994, the Council was re-established as the Conservation Fund Advisory Board (CFAB) and was moved from Executive Law to Environmental Conservation Law (§11-0327 Conservation Fund Advisory Board).

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Review the allocations and expenditures of the Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) for fish and wildlife purposes.
  • Release information or reports to the sportsmen/women and the general public regarding the conservation fund and fish and wildlife programs.
  • Consult with fish and wildlife interests and render annual reports to the Commissioner of DEC on fiscal needs and make recommendations on how such needs shall be met.
  • Assist DEC's efforts to expand available sources of income for the conservation fund and provide advice toward the needs of various fish and wildlife programs.
  • Encourage public participation in fishing, hunting and trapping and promote conservation and management of New York's natural resources.

More specific duties and responsibilities can be found within DEC's CFAB brochure (PDF).

Meeting Minutes

Notes taken at each meeting for the past three years are posted below:


January 2023 (PDF)
February 2023 (PDF)


January 2022 (PDF)
April 2022 (PDF)
June 2022 (PDF)
September 2022 (PDF)
October 2022 (PDF)


March 2021 (PDF)
April 2021 (PDF)
May 2021 (PDF)
June 2021 (PDF)
September 2021 (PDF)
October 2021 (PDF)
December 2021 (PDF)


January 2020 (PDF)
March 2020 (PDF)
May 2020 (PDF)
June 2020 (PDF)
July 2020 (PDF)
September 2020 (PDF)
October 2020 (PDF)


September 2019 (PDF)
October 2019 (PDF)
December 2019 (PDF)

Members of the Board

Each of the eleven appointed CFAB voting members (PDF) have long-standing interest, knowledge and experience in fish and wildlife management, including hunting, fishing, trapping and related conservation activities. At the time of designation, board members must hold a valid New York state hunting, fishing or trapping license and have held one three years prior. The members are not employees of DEC and voluntarily perform their responsibilities within their three year term. Of the eleven appointed members; one is chosen to represent the New York State Conservation Council Inc. (NYSCC), one to represent The New York State Fish and Wildlife Management Act Board (FWMB), and nine to represent the DEC regions with one resident per region. In addition, ex-officio, non-voting members also serve the Board.

CFAB Member Contact Information
Nominating Authority Representative
(click on name
for biography
Contact Information
Governor Gordon J. Whiting
Residence - Region 2
Appointed on November 14, 2006
by Governor Pataki
70 East 96th St, Apt 11B
New York, NY 10128-0752
(212) 883-4157 (W) (212) 348-1520 (H)
(917) 941-4257 (M)
(212) 883-4141 (Fax-W) (212) 348-1521 (Fax-H)
Tom Williams
Residence - Region 4
Appointed on October 16, 2015
by Governor Cuomo
38 Pleasant View Drive
Hudson, New York 12534
(518) 821-6406
Senate Timothy Huss
Residence-Region 1
Appointed on January 8, 2018
by John J. Flanagan, Senate Majority Leader
64 Brook St
Islip, NY 11751
(516) 779-9349
Scott L. Faulkner
Residence - Region 6
Appointed on June 28, 2022
by Robert G. Ortt Senate Minority Leader
3720 Gifford Rd.
Vernon Center, NY 13477
(315) 225-0192
Marc A. Osypian
Residence-Region 8
Reappointed on August 11, 2017
by John J. Flanagan, Senate Majority Leader
222 Temple St
Avon, NY 14414
(585) 226-2889 (H)
Assembly Vacant
Residence-Region 3
Appointed by Assembly Majority
Jason Kemper
Residence--Region 5
Reappointed on March 18, 2019
by Brian M. Kolb, Assembly Minority Leader
217 Northville Rd
Edinburg, NY 12134
(518) 884-4705 (W) (518) 863-8575 (H)
(518) 281-6864 (M)
Dale F. Dunkelberger
Residence--Region 9
Reappointed on May 5, 2011
by Sheldon Silver, Speaker, Assembly Majority
7741 Lincoln Avenue Ext.
Lockport, NY 14094
(716) 434-9268 (H)
Statutory Anthony Kordziel
NYS Conservation Council
Residence--Region 5

PO Box 95
Granville, NY 12832
(518) 637-7625 (H)

Bill Conners (Secretary)
NYS F&W Mgt Board
Residence-Region 3
686 Traver Road
Pleasant Valley, NY 12569
(845) 635-1606 (H)
Ex Officio Members
Nominating Authority Contact Information
Assembly Ways &
Means Committee

(518) 455-4026
Senate Environmental
Conservation Committee
(518) 455-3371
Assembly Environmental
Conservation Committee
(518) 455-5787
Commissioner of NYS Department of
Environmental Conservation
(518) 402-8540
(518) 402-8541
Senate Finance Committee
(518) 455-2862

Board members can also be contacted by writing NYS Conservation Fund Advisory Board, 625 Broadway, Albany, NY 12233-4750, or by e-mailing Conservation Fund Advisory Board.