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New York Statewide Angler Survey 2007

The 2007 New York Statewide Angler Survey provides the results of a random survey of approximately 20,000 anglers that fished the freshwaters of New York State during the 2007 calendar year. The survey was conducted by the Cornell University Department of Natural Resources, in cooperation with the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation's Bureau of Fisheries. The results of the survey are provided in 4 reports. Report 1 contains statewide estimates of angler effort and expenditures, as well as breakouts by region, and major water body. It also provides estimates of specific use of New York's fisheries broken out by species fished for, region fished, and water body. Report 2 assesses angler characteristics, preferences, satisfaction, and opinions on management topics. Report 3 provides estimates of angler effort and expenditures in New York State Counties. Report 4 compares two different survey methodologies used in this study and provides an analysis of trends in fishing effort. Questions concerning the angler survey should be directed to

The June, 2009 Report 4 and June 2009 Summary were modified and reposted on July 17, 2009. Changes were made in both of these reports to the "Estimated number of angler days for major waters 1973, 1976-77, 1988, 1996, and 2007" table to clarify the estimated angler days for the Delaware River (main stem). Similar clarification was also required for Table 9 in Report 4, in order to provide comparisons for the main stem Delaware River. In addition, the number of estimated angler days for black bass (From 3-phase) in Table 3 of Report 4 was adjusted (it was previously incorrectly entered).

Summary Report (PDF) (309 KB)

Report 1: Angler Effort and Expenditures (PDF) (1 MB)

Report 2: Angler Characteristics, Preferences, Satisfaction, and Opinion on Management Topics (PDF) (836 KB)

Report 3: Estimated Angler Effort and Expenditures in New York State Counties (PDF) (287 KB)

Report 4: Survey Method Comparison and Analysis of Trends in Fishing Effort (PDF) (320 KB)