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Silver Lake Bog Preserve

Hawkeye, Clinton Co.

Snoeshoe hare, Silver lake (copyright Carl Heilman) and a songbird

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Visitors to Silver Lake who are careful and quiet may glimpse some of the Adirondacks' most secretive creatures: the snowshoe hare, the fisher and the spring peeper. The preserve is primarily a boreal bog in a remote setting and is particularly popular for observation of rare boreal birds.

Wildlife to Watch

  • Snowshoe hare
  • Fisher
  • Spring peeper, wood frog, leopard frog, toad
  • Porcupine
  • White-tail deer
  • White-throated sparrow, olive-sided flycatcher

Where to Watch

  • Half-mile boardwalk
  • Hiking trail up a 200-foot bluff with a spectacular view of Silver Lake

Recreational Opportunities

  • Hiking
  • Birdwatching

Accessible Features

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This site has accessible features that include a boardwalk. A full list of DEC's accessible recreation destinations is available on the DEC website.


98 acres

Closest Town



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Contact information

Telephone: 518-576-2082

Address: Old Hawkeye Road, Ausable Forks, NY 12912

Website: Silver Lake Bog Preserve (This link leaves the DEC website)

Photo Credits: John Major, Carl Heilman, Sue Shafer