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Ice Fishing in Cayuga County

Popular Ice Fishing Waters in Cayuga County
Water Townships Species Regulations Comments Countour Map
Cayuga Lake Aurelius, Springport, Ledyard, Genoa Panfish, Pickerel, Northern Pike Finger Lakes and Tributaries Regulations Apply 42,496 acres, most ice fishing takes place on north end. Limited ice fishing at south end. Yes
Owasco Lake Moravia, Scipio, Fleming, Owasco, Niles Panfish, Northern Pike, Lake Trout 6,592 acres, ice fishing mainly at north and south ends. Yes
Skaneateles Lake Sempronius, Niles Panfish, Pickerel, Lake Trout 8,960 acres, ice fishing at north and south ends. Yes
Cross Lake Cato Panfish, Northern Pike, Walleye Special Regulations Apply 2,176 acres, good for northern pike. Yes
Duck Lake Conquest Panfish, Northern Pike Statewide Regulations Apply 218 acres, shallow, weedy lake. Yes
Howland Island Wildlife Management Area Ponds Conquest Panfish 300 acres; 18 ponds. No
Lake Como Summerhill Panfish, Pickerel 64 acres, shallow, weedy lake. Yes
Little Sodus Bay Sterling Panfish, Northern Pike 750 acres, expansive weed beds. Yes
Otter Lake Cato Panfish, Northern Pike 282 acres, shallow, weedy lake. Yes

For information on ice fishing basics and safety, visit our Learn to Ice Fish webpage.

Lake Contour Maps for Cayuga County