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Landlocked Salmon Fishing on the Ausable River

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Most of the fishing action for salmon occurs during spring on the flatwater section from the Route 9 bridge downstream two miles to the river's mouth. Seaworthy boats can launch at the state boat ramp in Peru and navigate a potentially stormy section of Lake Champlain to reach the Ausable's river mouth. Portage-sized boats can be carried from a parking area in the Ausable Point Campsite to the river itself, avoiding the lake.

Fall run salmon migrate to the rapids and pools near Rainbow Falls located upstream of the Route 9 bridge. Anglers should be aware that these are all privately owned sections of the river. While landowners near the Route 9 bridge have to date allowed fishing, much of the river further upstream, including the Ausable Chasm reach, is not available to the public for fishing.

Anglers are reminded that fall regulations restrict the use of weighted baits, lures, and flies. For details, consult the Lake Champlain- Additional Tributary Regulations section in the Fishing Regulations Guide.

Ausable River map