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Saranac River Landlocked Salmon Fishing

The Saranac River, located in the City of Plattsburgh, provides salmon angling from its mouth to the Imperial Dam (an impassible barrier) approximately three miles upstream. During spring, most salmon are taken near the mouth. In fall, salmon are abundant throughout the three mile section of river. For more details on when and how to fish for salmon in the Saranac River, visit the Lake Champlain Tributaries Salmon Fishing overview page.


Boats can be launched at a public ramp near the mouth, but only several hundred feet separate the lower most rapids from Lake Champlain. While much of the river bank is owned by the City of Plattsburgh and is accessible, some portions are private.

Check the Saranac River Flows on the US Geological Survey website (leaves DEC website) before wading or accessing the water.


Lake Champlain and Tributaries Special Fishing Regulations Apply. Anglers are reminded that fall regulations restrict the use of weighted baits, lures, and flies.

Saranac River map
Overview of the Saranac River up to the first barrier impassable by fish. In this stretch of the river, Lake Champlain and Tributary Special Regulations apply. See link to these regulations above.