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Otsego County Special Fishing Regulations

  • This is a list of exceptions to the Statewide Angling Regulations of New York's Freshwater Fishing Regulations.
  • Trout waters where ice fishing is permitted are identified here.
  • Where regulations appear in the Method column they pertain to all fishing in the listed water.
Special Fishing Regulations for Waters in Otsego County
Waters Species Open Season Minimum Length Daily Limit Method
Arnold Lake Trout All year 12" 3 Ice fishing permitted
Canadarago Lake Yellow Perch All year Any size 25
Canadarago Lake Walleye First Saturday in May through March 15 18" 3
Gilbert Lake Trout April 1 through Nov 30 12" 3
Goodyear Lake Yellow Perch All year Any size 25
Sunfish All year Any size 25
Otsego Lake Lake Trout All year 23" 1 Ice fishing permitted