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Franklin County Special Fishing Regulations

  • This is a list of exceptions to the Statewide Angling Regulations of New York's Freshwater Fishing Regulations.
  • Trout waters where ice fishing is permitted are identified here.
  • Where regulations appear in the Method column, they pertain to all fishing in the listed water.
  • In some cases, you will be referred to the regulations tables for major resource blocks (Great Lakes, Finger Lakes, Lake Champlain, Border Waters, New York City Reservoirs).
Special Fishing Regulations for Waters in Franklin County
Water Species Open Season Minimum Length Daily Limit Method
All waters except Lake Colby Black Bass Third Saturday in June through November 30 12" 5 Fishing for Black Bass (including catch and release) is prohibited outside of open the season
Lake Colby Trout All year Any size 5 Ice fishing permitted
Landlocked Salmon All year 15" 3
Black Bass Third Saturday in June through November 30 Any size 5
Big Fish Pond, Little Fish Pond, St. Regis Pond Lake Trout April 1 through Oct 15 15" 3 Use or possession of baitfish prohibited
Lake Clear, Meacham Lake Trout All year Any size 5 Ice fishing permitted
Landlocked Salmon All year 15" 3
Little Clear Pond, Little Green Pond, and their tributaries Fishing prohibited to protect hatchery brood stocks
Salmon River from the Flat Rock Road bridge to 200 yards downstream of the Cargin Road bridge Trout All year Catch and release only Artificial lures only
Mountain Pond (Town of Brighton) Trout April 1 through Nov 30 Catch and release only Artificial lures only
Saranac River from Hough Brook at Union Falls Flow upstream to Franklin Falls Flow Dam Fishing prohibited March 1 through May 15 to protect spawning walleye
Saranac River from Pine Street bridge upstream to Lake Flower Dam in Village of Saranac Lake Trout All year Any size 5
North Branch Saranac River from the mouth of Cold Brook (Clinton County) upstream to the Goldsmith Road bridge Trout All year 12" 3
Little Wolf Pond, Kiwassa Lake and St. Regis Falls Impoundment Walleye First Saturday in May through March 15 18" 3 Ice fishing permitted
Upper Saranac Lake Lake Trout April 1 through Oct 15 23" 3 Ice fishing permitted; Maximum of 3 ice fishing lines allowed
Tupper Lake, Lake Kushaqua, Rollins Pond Lake Trout All year 21" 3 Ice fishing permitted

Baitfish-prohibited waters

In addition, the use or possession of baitfish is prohibited on all lands, lakes, ponds and streams of the following geographic areas: St. Regis Canoe Area, High Peaks Wilderness (except Raquette River and Saranac River) and the following waters:

  • Town of Bellmont- Drain Pond
  • Town of Brighton- Barnum Pond, Black Pond (on Visitors Interpretive Center Property), Long Pond (north of Black Pond), Loon Pond, Lost Pond (0.4 mi. southwest of Mountain Pond), Mountain Pond, Slush Pond, Star Mountain Ponds (2), Upper Spectacle Pond
  • Town of Duane- Buck Pond, Clear Pond, Debar Pond, Skiff Pond, Winnebago Pond
  • Town of Franklin- Fishhole Pond, Hope Pond, Little Hope Pond, No Hope Pond (300 feet north of Hope Pond)
  • Town of Harrietstown- Bear Pond, Meadow Pond (1/2 mile northwest of Lake Clear), Panther Pond, Porkchop Pond (0.6 mi. east of Upper Saranac Lake), St. Germain Pond (1/2 mile north of Lake Clear)
  • Town of Malone- Malone Village Ice Pond
  • Town of Tupper Lake- Rag Pond (200 feet north of West Pine Pond), West Pine Pond
  • Town of Santa Clara- Bad News Pond (1000 feet northwest of Polliwog Pond), Black Pond (between Square Pond and Whey Pond), Duck or Echo Pond, Duell Pond (1/4 mile south of Little Green Pond), East Copperas Pond, Federation Pond (1/4 mile southeast of East Pine Pond), Frog Pond (650 feet north of Polliwog Pond), Grass Pond (1 1/4 mile northeast of Benz Pond), Little Black Pond (between Black and Square ponds), Green Pond (north of Follensby Clear Pond), Horseshoe Pond, Little Polliwog Pond, Madawaska Pond, Polliwog Pond, Rat Pond, Sunday Pond (southeast of Rat Pond), Sunrise Pond (east of Follensby Clear Pond), Track Pond (3/4 mile northeast of Floodwood Pond), Twelfth Tee or Gordon Pond (400 feet north of Green Pond), Whey Pond
  • Town of Waverly- Balsam Pond (two miles west of Duck Pond), Benz Pond, Little Clear Pond, Long Pond.