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Salmon River and Tributaries Angling Regulations by Section

Regulations for All Great Lakes & Tributaries apply to all sections of the Salmon River listed below.

Salmon River Downstream of Rt. 52 Bridge in Altmar

From the upstream most navigation buoy located between the breakwalls at the mouth of the river upstream to the County Rt. 52 bridge in Altmar

Salmon River Special Angling Regulations downstream of Rt. 52 Bridge in Altmar
Effective Dates Regulations
April 15 - August 14 Statewide gear restrictions apply
August 15 - April 14
  • Fishing is prohibited at night from ½ hr. after sunset to ½ hr. before sunrise except as
    permitted below.
  • Only one hook with a single hook point and a gap not exceeding ½ inch is permitted
    except on floating lures as noted below.
  • Hooks attached to any lure, except an artificial fly, must be free swinging and unweighted.
    Artificial flies with no more than 1/8 oz. of added weight may be used. The method by
    which weight is added to a hook does not affect classification as an "artificial fly" provided
    the conditions of the definition of an artificial fly on the General Angling Definitions page are met.
  • The distance between the hook, artificial fly or lure and any weight attached to the line or
    leader, whether fixed or sliding, shall not exceed 4 ft.
  • Weight shall not be added to the line, leader, swivels, artificial fly or lure in any manner
    that the weight hangs lower than the attached hook when the line is suspended vertically
    from the rod.
August 15 - October 31

Additional Regulations for Floating Lures Apply

  • A bead chain may be attached to the floating lure with a ring.
  • The bead chain may not exceed a distance of three and one half inches between the body of the floating lure and the hook point.
  • 1 hook with a single hook point and a gap of no more than 5/8 in. may be attached to the bead chain or directly to the lure.

November 1 - April 14

Multiple single, double and treble hooks are permitted on floating lures
April 1 - August 14 Fishing at night is permitted from Lake Ontario to Rt. 3 Bridge

Salmon River Fly Fishing Catch-and-Release Sections

Fishing Hours, Season Dates and Locations

  • Angling Permitted: From one-half hour before sunrise to one-half hour after sunset.
  • Lower Fly Section: From County Route 52 Bridge in Altmar upstream 0.25 mile to the marked boundary at Beaverdam Brook.
  • Upper Fly Section: Open April 1 through November 30 from a marked boundary upstream of the New York State Fish Hatchery property to a marked boundary 0.6 mile upstream at the Lighthouse Hill Reservoir tailrace.
  • Fishing is prohibited outside the open season.

Catch & Release

All fish must be immediately released without unnecessary injury.

Tackle Restrictions

Tackle is restricted to a traditional fly rod, fly reel, fly line, and artificial fly. Restrictions on fly lines, flies, attractors, leaders and supplemental weight are as follows:

Fly Lines:
  • Use of less than 20 feet of floating, sinking, or combination floating/sinking fly line or shooting head immediately behind the leader and in front of any running line or other backing is prohibited.
  • From May 1 through August 31: Floating fly lines only.
  • From September 1 through April 30: Floating, sinking, and sink tip fly lines are permitted.
  • From May 1 through August 31: a single unweighted artificial fly having one hook point with a one-half inch maximum gap only permitted.
  • From September 1 through April 30: a single unweighted or weighted artificial fly with no more than 1/8 oz. added weight, having one hook point with a one-half-inch maximum gap only permitted.
  • The use of added baits or attractors such as, but not limited to, fish eggs, insects, beads, spoons, spinners, plugs, or similar devices on the line above the artificial fly is prohibited.
  • The total length of the leader including the tippet shall not exceed 15 feet.
  • From May 1 through August 31: sinking and metal leaders are prohibited.
Additional Weight:
  • From May 1 through August 31: the use of supplemental weight such as split shot, sinkers, metal leaders, twist-ons, or swivels attached to the leader, tippet, fly line or fly is prohibited.
  • From September 1 through April 30: the use of supplemental weight is permitted with the following restrictions.
    1. The combined weight of any supplemental weight and fly may not exceed one-eighth of an ounce.
    2. The maximum distance between the artificial fly and any added weight to the line, leader or tippet shall not exceed four feet.
    3. Weight added to the line, leader, swivels, or artificial fly in any manner such that the weight hangs lower than the attached fly is prohibited.

Beaverdam Brook in Altmar Fishing Closure

Fishing in Beaverdam Brook and its tributaries, Oswego County, is prohibited from their mouths to the upstream boundary of the Salmon River Hatchery property.