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Fulton County Ice Fishing

The table below lists the lakes and ponds in Fulton County that are open to ice fishing. Please note that some waters are privately owned and it is the angler's responsibility to obtain the necessary permissions before fishing these waters.

Ice Fishing Regulations:

Ice fishing regulations apply to all waters where ice fishing is permitted. In addition, review Fulton County Special Fishing Regulations for waters with specific regulations.

Places to Ice Fish

Fulton County Waters with Ice Fishing
Water Town Ownership Species Regulations (links leave DEC website)
Ayers Lake Stratford Private YP, C.Pkl, Pks Statewide
Beardsley Lake Oppenheim Unknown Panfish
Bellows Lake Caroga Public None*
Canada Lake Caroga Public/Private BT, C.Pkl, LT, YP, Pks, BC Special Regulations
Chase Lake Bleecker Public C.Pkl, YP, Pks Statewide
Dexter Lake Stratford Public C.Pkl, YP, Pks
East Caroga Lake Caroga Public/Private C.Pkl, YP, WAE, Pks, S Special Regulations
Garoga Lake Ephratah Public/Private C.Pkl, YP, Pks, BC, BT Statewide
Great Sacandaga Lake Broadalbin/ Mayfield/ Northampton Public/Private BT, RT, WAE, NP, YP, Pks, BC Special Regulations
Green Lake Caroga Public/Private BT, C.Pkl, LT, YP, Pks, BC
Hiltabrandt Vly Stratford Public C.Pkl Statewide
Hines Pond Bleecker/ Johnstown Private C.Pkl
Kyser Lake Oppenheim Public YP, RB, BT Special Regulations
Lily Lake (outlet of Canada Lake) Caroga Public/Private BT, C.Pkl, LT, YP, Pks, BC Special Regulations
Lily Lake Bleecker Private YP, C.Pkl Statewide
Maylender Pond Johnstown Private No data
Mayfield Lake Mayfield Public/Private C.Pkl, Pks, YP, RB, BC
Middle Stink Lake (Middle Stoner Lake) Caroga Private Pks, YP, C.Pkl
Mountain Lake Johnstown Private YP, Pks, BC
Mud Lake (1 mile south of Peck Lake) Johnstown Unknown YP
Mud Lake (1 mile west of West Caroga Lake) Caroga Public/Private No data
Mud Pond (2 miles NE of Irish Settlement) Stratford Public YP
Negro Lake Caroga Public None*
Northville Pond Northampton Private RT, YP, Pks Special Regulations
Oregon Pond Stratford Private Pks Statewide
Pine Lake Caroga Public/Private C.Pkl, YP, Pks
Pleasant Lake Stratford Private Pks, YP
Rockwood Lake Ephratah/ Johnstown Public/Private No data
Sacandaga Park Reservoir Mayfield Private YP
Spectacle Lake Stratford Public C.Pkl, Pks, YP
Vandenburg Pond (Lake Edward) Bleecker Private Pks, YP, C.Pkl
Water's Mill Pond Stratford Public C.Pkl, YP
West Caroga Lake Caroga Public/Private WF, Spk, YP, Pks, S Special Regulations
West Lake Caroga Public/Private BT, C.Pkl, LT, YP, Pks, BC
West Mill Pond Johnstown Private YP, Pks, C.Pkl Statewide
West Stink Lake (West Stoner Lake) Caroga Public/Private Pks, YP, C.Pkl
Woodworth Lake Bleecker Private YP, Pks

*Lake is not known to support fish life

Fish Species Key

  • C - Carp
  • BC - Black crappie
  • BT - Brown trout
  • C.Pkl - Chain pickerel
  • LT - Lake trout
  • NP - Northern pike
  • Pks - Pumpkinseed
  • RB - Rock bass
  • RT - Rainbow trout
  • S - Smelt
  • Spk - Splake
  • WAE - Walleye
  • WF - Lake whitefish
  • YP - Yellow perch

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