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Lake George Islands Day Use

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Located on the "Queen" of American Lakes, Lake George, the Lake George Day Use Islands offer a unique experience for day users. Day Use islands are accessible by boat only and are spread out over much of the lake. Dogs are prohibited on any of the islands, docks and on vessels moored at docks.

All day use island sites are available for reservation ONLINE ONLY. Make your reservation here.

  • Day Use island sites are available up to seven days in advance of arrival
  • Same day reservations can be booked until 6pm
  • Patrons can no longer book day use at Island Headquarters
  • Reservations are on a day-by-day basis; multiple day reservations will not be permitted
  • Reservations are site-specific
  • Day use hours are from 9am until 9pm on all islands
  • Pavilions on all day use islands are first-come, first-serve

Featured Activities


motor boating

Lake George is 32 miles long, 3 miles wide at its widest point, with a maximum depth of 195 feet. It offers some of the best recreational boating opportunities in the Northeast. All types of watercraft are allowed on the lake. Because of the long, narrow shape of the lake it is susceptible to hard winds and fast storms. Be mindful of weather warnings and get off the water if the situation looks threatening. Always use the appropriate vessel. Canoes are fine along the shore, but a sturdy boat is recommended out in the middle. Boaters should get the Lake George Power Squadron hydrographic chart at a local marina before sailing. Water depths vary greatly from sandy shoals, to sunken islands, to sudden drop offs. The chart not only show the location of such hazards, but contains information about navigational aids and rules of the lake.



The water in Lake George allows light to penetrate exceptionally deep. This causes a two-story fishery, with landlocked salmon, and lake trout found at 50-180 foot levels while bass and pike tend to gather in weed beds, particularly in protected areas such as bays, and around islands. Pan fishing is fun at the shoreline, but a stable boat with motor is necessary for deeper waters. Fishing licenses are no longer being sold at any of our facilities, but can be conveniently purchased on-line or by phone.

Rules, Regulations and Outdoor Safety

Clean your boat and equipment - help prevent the spread of aquatic invasives

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