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Contour Maps for Selected Lakes in Franklin County

The New York State Lake Contour Map Series provides information on depth contours, water surface area, mean depth and available fish species for selected state waters. Maps are to be used as a fishing aid only and are not intended for navigation. Public access may not be available to all waters. For additional information on available public access, or other specific details concerning these waters, contact the DEC Regional Fisheries Office covering the county the water is located in.

Note: the following symbols appear on some of the maps and indicate the type of boating access available:

boat launch symbol
boat launch
cartop launch symbol
cartop launch

Boaters and Anglers, please remember that you can help prevent the spread of unwanted aquatic plant and animal species by following these guidelines:

  • Remove all mud and aquatic plants from all gear, boats, motors and trailers before departing from your fishing location.
  • Drain all water including bilges, live wells, and bait tanks before departing from your fishing location.
  • Do not transport fish from one body of water to another.
  • Do not release unused bait into a body of water.
  • Do not dispose of fish carcasses or by-products in any body of water.

Alphabetical Listing of Waters

Water (Town)
Barnum Pond (Brighton) (PDF, 199 KB)
Buck Pond (Franklin) (PDF, 180 KB)
Clear Pond (Boy Scout Camp) (Duane) (PDF, 252 KB)
First Pond (Harrietstown) (PDF, 175 KB)
Fish Creek Ponds (Santa Clara) (PDF, 217 KB)
Follensby Clear Pond (Santa Clara) (PDF, 235 KB)
Green Pond (Santa Clara) (PDF, 208 KB)
Hoel Pond (Santa Clara) (PDF, 216 KB)
Kiwassa Lake (Saranac Lake) (PDF, 194 KB)
Lake Clear (Harrietstown) (PDF, 238 KB)
Lake Colby (Harrietstown) (PDF, 208 KB)
Lake Flower (Saranac Lake) (PDF, 210 KB)
Lake Kushaqua (Franklin) (PDF, 239 KB)
Ledge Pond (Santa Clara) (PDF, 255 KB)
Lower Chateaugay Lake (Bellmont) (PDF, 189 KB)
Lower Saranac Lake (Saranac Lake) (PDF, 269 KB)
Lower St. Regis Lake (Brighton) (PDF, 235 KB)
Meacham Lake (Duane) (PDF, 280 KB)
Middle Saranac Lake (Saranac Lake) (PDF, 227 KB)
Oseetah Lake (Harrietstown) (PDF, 210 KB)
Osgood Pond (Brighton) (PDF, 237 KB)
Pine Pond (Harrietstown) (PDF, 218 KB)
Polliwog Pond (Santa Clara) (PDF, 229 KB)
Rainbow Lake & Clear Pond (Brighton) (PDF, 266 KB)
Rollins Pond (Santa Clara) (PDF, 255 KB)
Second Pond (Harrietstown) (PDF, 168 KB)
Spitfire Lake (Brighton) (PDF, 222 KB)
St. Regis Pond (Santa Clara) (PDF, 229 KB)
Tupper Lake (Altamont) (PDF, 256 KB)
Upper Saranac Lake (Saranac Lake) (PDF, 251 KB)
Upper St. Regis Lake (Harrietstown) (PDF, 204 KB))
Weller Pond (Santa Clara) (PDF, 214 KB)
Whey Pond (Santa Clara) (PDF, 206 KB)

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