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Camaans Pond, Merrick

Camaan's Pond located within a well-maintained, 8-acre suburban park bearing its name.

Physical Features:

Area: 5.8 acres
Shoreline Length: 2,850 feet
Length: 1,200 feet
Maximum Depth: 5 feet
Town: Hempstead


Nassau County Park offers shoreline access only (boats are prohibited)

Camaan's Pond is located in Merrick south of Merrick Road. It can be accessed by taking Merrick Road to Lindenmere Drive going south.

Fish Species:

  • White Perch
  • American Eel


Camaan's Pond has a simple fish community: two fish species (White Perch and American Eel). An abundant, open shoreline provides local kids and their parents an opportunity to try to catch a few fish.


Special Fishing Regulations Apply

Health Advice on Eating Fish You Catch:

Visit NYS Department of Health website (link leaves DEC's website) for health advice on eating fish you catch. Scroll to the bottom of the page for Long Island freshwater waterbodies.