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Trout Stream Fishing Map User Guide

Click to launch the Trout Stream Fishing Map in DECinfo Locator

About the Trout Stream Fishing Map

The "Trout Stream Fishing Map" is made of several layers on DECinfo Locator, an interactive map that lets you access DEC documents and public data. DECinfo Locator is best viewed on a desktop computer. A mobile optimized version will be available in the future.

Anglers will be able to view trout stream reaches color-coded by management category and fishing access associated with those reaches. These layers will allow trout stream anglers to plan their trips and find their preferred trout stream fishing experiences.

Please Note: Stream sections falling under Great Lake Tributary and Finger Lake Tributary regulations are outside the scope of this map; however, PFR along these sections is shown.

Using DECinfo Locator

The following links will help you get started in using the DECinfo Locator:

Using the Trout Stream Map

Watch the Trout Stream Fishing Map video (YouTube) for a quick overview of the Trout Stream Fishing Map Layers in DECinfo Locator.

Activating the Trout Stream Map Layers

To start using the Trout Stream Fishing Information on DECinfo Locator, you need to activate several map layers. Under the DEC Information Layers section:

  • select the Outdoor Activity tab
  • then select the Water-related Activities tab
  • activate the Inland Trout Stream Fishing and Trout Stream Fishing Access layers by clicking on the small box in the legend next to the layer name
  • if you plan to use a boat, activate the Boat Launch Sites layer
  • for additional access opportunities, activate the DEC Lands and Parking layers under the Land-related Activities tab

Trout Stream Fishing related layers

Inland Trout Stream Fishing: Categorized Trout Stream Reaches*

The New York State Trout Stream Management Plan established five management categories to clearly define fisheries management objectives and help anglers find their preferred trout stream fishing experiences. Categorized reaches available are:

  • Stocked* reaches, shown as red lines, are stocked once a year, in the spring, and are managed to provide short-term opportunities to catch and harvest trout
  • Stocked-Extended** reaches, shown as purple lines, can generally support trout later in the season, providing an extended opportunity to catch trout. Stocked-Extended reaches are managed by a combination of 4 stockings, once every 2 weeks, in the spring and have more restrictive regulations than Stocked reaches to prolong the opportunity to catch stream-stocked trout.
  • Wild-Quality reaches, shown as orange lines, support an abundance of wild trout and provide a quality wild trout fishing experience.
  • Wild-Premier reaches, shown as green lines, are New York's most productive large wild trout streams. They provide an exceptional wild trout fishing experience with the potential to catch a trophy-sized wild trout.
  • "Other" reaches are Wild/Uncategorized reaches that have a wild trout population, but don't meet Wild-Quality or Wild-Premier criteria. The trout stream map currently only shows "Other" reaches that have a Catch and Release special regulation. Wild reaches are not currently available on DECinfo Locator. We anticipate Wild reaches to be available on the map by April 1, 2022.

* A reach is a defined segment of stream.

**Total number of stocked fish and stocking schedule, shown in the pop-up windows for these reaches, reflect the anticipated distribution of yearling and older trout for the spring fishing season. Stocking times may vary depending on weather conditions and unanticipated logistical issues.

Trout Stream Fishing Access layers

Stream Access

Mapped stream access areas are included to aid anglers in finding fishing access on NY Trout Streams and are exaggerated to make them more visible on the map. Current mapped access areas include:

  • Public Fishing Rights (PFR): permanent easements purchased by NYSDEC from willing landowners, giving anglers the right to fish and walk along the bank (usually a 33' strip on one or both banks of the stream). This right is for the purpose of fishing only and no other purpose.
  • NYCDEP Lands on categorized stream reaches. A free access permit may be required to access these areas. Visit NYC Environmental Protection website (leaves DEC website) for more information.
  • County Lands on categorized stream reaches.
  • Municipal Lands on categorized stream reaches.
  • State Park Lands on categorized stream reaches.

The stream access layers are intended on getting anglers to publicly accessible sections of stream. The boundaries are approximate. Once at the stream, please respect posted signs. If you feel that a section of stream is incorrectly posted, please contact the appropriate Regional Fisheries Office.

Parking Areas

Parking areas shown on the map are official parking areas where anglers can park to access streams.

Additional Access Opportunities

For additional access opportunities, activate the DEC Lands and Parking layers under the Land-related Activities tab.

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