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Consignment of DMPs

Deer Management Permits (DMPs) allow for the taking of antlerless deer only. Removal of antlerless deer from the population is the most effective and efficient tool for controlling deer numbers over large landscape areas. Allowing the transfer of DMPs maximizes our ability to use this tool.

How do I transfer my DMP to another hunter?

There is a section on your DMP that you can sign indicating that you consent to allow another hunter to use your DMP. You can only transfer your DMP to other hunters who are already licensed to hunt deer.

The hunter who wishes to receive and use your DMP must write your DMP number, in indelible ink or indelible pencil, on the License Privilege Panel immediately below the line where it states "DMP #'s received from other hunters."

As a result of your written consent to allow your DMP to be transferred and the receiving hunter adding your DMP number to his or her license, the DMP may be legally possessed and used by that hunter. Possession of someone else's DMP would otherwise be illegal.

Remember: Only DMP carcass tags can be transferred from one hunter to another. Hunting licenses or other tags (regular season tag and Bow/Mz tags) are not transferrable.


DMP Consignment Example 1
DMP tag of hunter Art Fern

  • To transfer his DMP carcass tag hunter Art Fern must sign the bottom of the tag. This allows the DMP carcass tag to be transferred.
  • The DMP carcass tag is given to Pete Moss.
DMP Consignment Example 2
License Privilege Panel of hunter Pete Moss

  • Hunter Pete Moss must record the Doc# from the DMP carcass tag being transferred to him on his license.
  • Hunter Pete Moss is allowed only 2 transferred DMPs per year whether he uses the tag(s) or not.
  • If Pete Moss does not use the DMP carcass tag, he can give it back to Art Fern or give it to another hunter. The other hunter must then record the Doc# from the DMP carcass tag on his/her license.

Who should report the deer if one is taken with a consigned permit ?

The shooter should report the deer if one is taken. He or she must have the report tag from the consigned DMP when they call to report the deer harvest. They should report the Document Number from the transferred tag, not the numbers that are on their own tags. They should also use their own birth date when reporting.

How many DMPs can I borrow and use ?

Properly licensed hunters can borrow and use up to two DMPs from other hunters. There are two spaces available on the License Privilege panel for hunters to write in the DMP permit numbers they receive from another hunter.

If you don't use a DMP and return it to its original owner, you have still used up one of your spaces on your License Privilege panel and cannot replace it with a different DMP.

How many hunters may borrow my DMP ?

There is no limit to the number of hunters who can borrow a single DMP, however, only the hunter who is actually in possession of the permit in the field may use it to take a deer.

Can I borrow a DMP even if I didn't receive one of my own originally ?

Yes, as long as you have a valid license to hunt deer, you may receive up to two DMPs from other hunters.

Can I still use my own DMP even if I have given consent to others to use it ?

Yes, consignment allows others to possess and use your DMP and it is not necessarily a permanent transfer. If the DMP is not filled you may do so only after it is returned to you. Whoever actually has possession afield of the DMP may take an antlerless deer with it.

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