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Rochester Embayment Area of Concern

The Rochester Embayment Area of Concern (AOC) is formed by the indentation of the Monroe County shoreline between Bogus Point in the town of Parma and Nine Mile Point in the town of Webster. The northern boundary of the AOC is the line between Bogus Point and Nine Mile Point. The AOC includes about 6 miles of the Genesee River from the mouth of the river to the Lower Falls.

Restoring the Rochester Embayment Area of Concern

The Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement outlines the process for restoring all Great Lakes Areas of Concern. The process involves developing a Remedial Action Plan to address Beneficial Use Impairments in each AOC. A Remedial Advisory Committee was established for each AOC to assist the restoration process.

Remedial Action Plan for the Rochester Embayment AOC

All Areas of Concern have a Remedial Action Plan that identifies specific problems and outlines the work needed to restore, or delist, the AOC. The Monroe County Department of Health takes the lead in developing and implementing the Rochester Embayment AOC Remedial Action Plan.

Remedial Action Plans are developed in three stages: