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Post-Storm Coastal Reconstruction

Important information on permits and guidelines for post-storm coast and near coast construction. Please review carefully.

Construction on or near the coast in response to storm damage must follow certain guidelines in order to be safe, sustainable and meet all legal requirements. Permittees, public officials, and contractors who will be conducting or otherwise involved in stabilization, repair and construction on New York State coastlines because of storm-related damages should review the information and links below thoroughly in order to maintain compliance with all appropriate conditions.

Permit Information

  • Storm Recovery Permits may be issued for affected regions of the state for non-emergency cleanup and repair work necessitated by severe storms.
  • Coastal Erosion Control Permit Program describes the regulated activities and permits required to undertake work within coastal erosion hazard areas.
  • Tidal Wetlands Permit Program describes what tidal wetlands are, where they occur, their benefits and the permit program that protects them. Links at the bottom of the page provide information to help determine what type(s) of permits are needed.
  • Tidal Wetlands provides general information about tidal wetlands including their benefits and their protection. Links on the right side of the page go to guidance documents on installing catwalks and docks.
  • Freshwater Wetlands Permits describes what freshwater wetlands are, and provides links to answers to common permitting questions. The Freshwater Wetlands Program page provides information about the benefits of freshwater wetlands, wetlands mapping, and links to related information at the bottom of the page.
  • Protection of Waters Permits provides information about the Part 608 Protection of Waters permit program the effect of human activities in and around waterbodies and what activities are permitted. Links at the bottom of the page provide information about applying for a Part 608 permit and useful techniques for working in and around waterbodies and shorelines.

Regional NYSDEC Permits Office Contacts

Region 1 (Long Island): Susan Ackerman, Regional Permit Administrator, 631-444-0365 or email the Region 1 permit office.
Region 2 (New York City): Stephen Watts, Regional Permit Administrator,718-482-4997 or email the Region 2 permit office.
Region 3 (Lower Hudson River valley): John Petronella, Regional Permit Administrator, 845-256-3054 or email the Region 3 permit office

Design Guidelines

Coastal Management

  • Coastal Management provides an overview of the need for coastal erosion management and some of the causes of erosion and other issues that relate to human activities in the coastal zones.

  • Floodplain Management provides general information about floodplain management including the National Flood Insurance Program and floodplain mapping.

  • Floodplain Management Requirements After a Flood has information, advice and references about rebuilding substantially damaged structures in a flood plain and flood insurance. It gives contact information for DEC Central Office and regional floodplain management coordinators.

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