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WAG Trail

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The WAG Trail is a 9-mile multi-use recreational trail and historic transportation corridor in Allegany County that extends between the Village of Wellsville and the Pennsylvania state line. It follows the route of the former Wellsville, Addison and Galeton (WAG) Railroad along the upper Genesee River, which is where it gets its name.

WAG Trail along river

The WAG Trail is open for all non-motorized uses, as well as snowmobiling in season. The trail is also popular with fishermen for access to the Genesee River.

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General information on hiking includes how-to and safety tips and links to rules and regulations.

The trail is multi-purpose and can be used for hiking and other recreational activities. It has a grass surface and is very flat. The grade is a less than 5%, with only about 80 feet of elevation change over the 9-mile length of the trail.



General information on biking includes how-to and safety tips and links to rules and regulations.

Biking is allowed along the trail but please be considerate of other users.



General information on fishing includes how-to and safety tips and links to seasons, rules and regulations.

Anglers enjoy the access to the Genesee River that the trail provides. Brown trout and rainbow trout can be found in this stretch of the river.

For Public Fishing Rights (PFR) on the Genesee River, visit DECinfo Locator- Interactive Trout Stream Fishing Map (DECinfo Locator is best viewed on a desktop computer. Users are encouraged to visit the Trout Stream Fishing Map User Guide first for "how to" instructions on using the fishing map).

Cross-country Skiing and Snowshoeing

cross-country skiing

General information on cross-country skiing and snowshoeing includes how-to and safety tips and links to rules and regulations.

Cross-country skiing and snowshoeing are allowed all along the trail.



General information on snowmobiling includes how-to and safety tips and links to rules and regulations.

Snowmobiling is allowed along the trail in season. Please be courteous to other trail users.

Horseback Riding

horseback riding

General information on horseback riding includes how-to and safety tips and links to rules and regulations.

Horseback riding is allowed along the trail. Please be courteous to other trail users.


General information on animals includes links to information about birds, mammals, fish, reptiles, amphibians and insects that inhabit or migrate through the state.

Users can see a menagerie of wild creatures, from beaver, mink, fox and deer, to grouse, woodcock, turkey, songbirds and waterfowl.


The WAG Trail roughly parallels NY Route 19. Parking is available at five locations: Carter Road (off Jack Bridge Road), Mapes Road (off County Route 29), Graves Road and two locations on Hawks Road. At Weidrick Road the trail is also used as access to the Wellsville water intake facility, so be alert for occasional vehicular traffic.

Note: The DEC parking area on Route 19 in Shongo is intended for fishing access only. Trail users should use the Hawks Road parking areas instead.

All coordinates provided are in decimal degrees using NAD83/WGS84 datum.

  • Carter Road parking area (42.075717°N, 77.927248°W) Google Maps (leaves DEC website)
  • Mapes Road parking area (42.046297°N, 77.926540°W) Google Maps (leaves DEC website)
  • Graves Road parking area (42.024614°N, 77.907379°W) Google Maps (leaves DEC website)
  • Hawks Road north parking area (42.016593°N, 77.893977°W) Google Maps (leaves DEC website)
  • Hawks Road south parking area (42.001079°N, 77.878507°W) Google Maps (leaves DEC website)

Rules, Regulations and Outdoor Safety

Practice Leave No Trace Principles (leaves DEC website) when recreating on state land to enjoy the outdoors responsibly, minimize impact on the natural resources and avoid conflicts with other users.

All users of the WAG Trail must follow all State Land Use Regulations and should follow all Outdoor Safety Practices for the safety of the user and protection of the resource.

Planning and Management

DEC has developed a Draft Allegany Unit State Forests Unit Management Plan (UMP) which describes the proposed management activities for these lands. In addition to management objectives, the UMP contains detailed information on natural features, recreational infrastructure, geology, natural and human history, habitats, wildlife, fisheries and much more.

If you have questions and/or comments about this UMP, please email us at


Old rail car on WAG railroad

The WAG Railroad was originally part of the Buffalo and Susquehanna (B & S) Railroad system, which at its peak extended from Buffalo, NY to Sagamore, PA. The branch from Galeton, PA to Wellsville was constructed in 1895-1896. In 1929 the B & S Railroad became part of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad system, but in 1956 the Wellsville branch and the branch from Galeton to Addison, NY were sold off to the H. E. Salzberg Company and became the Wellsville, Addison and Galeton Railroad. The railroad served the Sinclair Oil refinery in Wellsville and several tanneries in Pennsylvania, hence its nickname "The Sole Leather Line".

The WAG, as it was known, operated until 1979, but the closure of the Sinclair refinery in 1963 had already eliminated the railroad's major customer in Wellsville. The Wellsville branch ceased operating altogether in 1973 after severe damage from the remnants of Hurricane Agnes. The State of New York acquired its 9-mile section in 2009.

Nearby State Lands, Facilities, Amenities & Other Information

State Lands and Facilities

Where to Find Nearby Amenities

  • Gas can be found in the nearby communities of Andover and Wellsville in NY and Genesee in PA.
  • Food and other supplies can be found in the nearby communities of Andover and Wellsville in NY and Genesee in PA.
  • Dining opportunities can be found in the nearby communities of Andover and Wellsville in NY.
  • Lodging can be found in the nearby communities of Andover and Wellsville in NY.

Allegany County Tourism (leaves DEC website) can provide information about other recreation, attractions and amenities in this area.

Numerous guidebooks and maps are available with information on the lands, waters, trails and other recreational facilities in this area. These can be purchased at most outdoor equipment retailers, bookstores, and on-line booksellers.

Additional information, outdoor equipment, trip suggestions and guided or self-guided tours may be obtained from outdoor guide and outfitting businesses. Check area chambers of commerce, telephone directories or search the internet for listings.

Consider hiring an outdoor guide if you have little experience or woodland skills. See the NYS Outdoor Guides Association (leaves DEC website) for information on outdoor guides.

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