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Certification Information For NYS Water Saving Plumbing Fixtures Law

(as Required by Section 15-0314 of The Environmental Conservation Law)

New York State Environmental Conservation Law requires that no sink faucet, lavatory faucet, shower head, drinking water fountain, urinal or toilet and associated flush valve, be distributed, sold, offered for sale, imported or installed in the state unless it has been certified by the manufacturer by signed affidavit that it meets the flow requirements of federal and state laws.

Faucet and running water

Due to the federal certification program for plumbing fixtures, faucets (those which are not self-closing or metering), shower heads, and urinals no longer need to be certified with NYS. This change is due in large part to federal regulations that became effective on March 18, 1999, which apply to plumbing fixtures sold in the United States.

These regulations codify federal water conservation flow standards (now identical to NYS), and require test procedures and certification information on faucets, shower heads, water closets, and urinals. The implementation of this process is now being administered by the U.S. Department of Energy under 10 CFR Part 430 (see link at right). Therefore, certification information on the above products will no longer be required by New York State.

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