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What to Do After a Flood

Who to Contact

Start by contacting your DEC Regional Permit Administrator before beginning any repairs or clean-up.

  • Contact your county's Soil and Water Conservation District with questions on how to stabilize stream banks and assess damage. See "Links Leaving DEC's Website" at right to find your county office.
  • The Army Corps of Engineers may need to be contacted if flooding has occurred in a navigable water

Permits Required

Most work will require a permit from DEC under the Protection of Waters Regulatory Program. See "Do I Need a Permit?"

Permits are issued by the DEC regional offices. Those with complex, multi-residential, commercial and industrial projects are encouraged to schedule a pre-application conference with a DEC Regional Permit Administrator to get answers to permitting questions.

Financial Assistance

Money to repair flood damage is available to individuals, businesses, farms and communities.

Federal Disaster Assistance

FEMA offers assistance to homeowners, renters and business owners affected by natural disasters. See the link to their Disaster Assistance website at right.

Flood and Homeowner's Insurance

Many homeowners' insurance policies do not cover flood damage. Separate flood insurance is usually required. See Questions and Answers about Flood Insurance in New York State

The National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) allows property owners in participating communities to purchase insurance protection against losses from flooding. The NFIP's "Floodsmart" web page (see link at right) has more information on flood insurance coverage for businesses and individuals.

Technical Support

See Post-Flood Stream Reconstruction for guidance and best practices when rebuilding and repairing after a flood.

See Floodplain management requirements after a flood for National Flood Insurance Program rebuilding requirements, and help with assessing substantial damage and estimating storm damage. This page also lists DEC's regional floodplain management coordinators who can help you understand what is required when rebuilding after a flood.

More about What to Do After a Flood:

  • Post Flood Compliance - The following steps can help assure that work undertaken in flood zones complies with floodplain and other environmental requirements.
  • Post-Flood Stream Reconstruction - Guidelines and training for municipalities, contractors and machine operators on how to reconstruct a stream after flooding.
  • Post-Storm Coastal Reconstruction - An overview of the permits, design guidelines and best management practices relevant to those who perform work in a coastal area following a storm.