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Tug Hill North Unit

Rainbow Falls on Tug Hill SFThe Tug Hill North Unit Management Area is comprised of 8 state forests and one wildlife management area. The unit is a patchwork of state owned parcels located west of Lowville, South of Copenhagen and east of Adams and located in the Lewis County towns of Harrisburg, Martinsburg, Montague and Pinckney and the Jefferson County towns of Lorraine, Rodman, Rutland and Worth.

The following list of state lands are all included in this UMP:

These state forests are by law dedicated to watershed protection, the production of forest products and offer many recreational opportunities, including; hiking, skiing, mountain biking, hunting, fishing, trapping, horseback riding and bird watching. The unit contains 3.6 miles of foot-only hiking trails, 22.2 miles of cross-country ski/hiking trails and 4.9 miles of snowmobile trails, all providing opportunity of the outdoor enthusiast.

The Tug Hill North Unit checkerboards the northern ring of the Tug Hill Plateau. This area can provide a wilderness experience while also being very accessible. It contains approximately 9,470 acres of classified wetlands, 22% of the area. The wetland complexes, beaver ponds and meadows create rich wildlife habitat while protecting New York State's waters. Six steep river ravine gulfs support unique plant and animal communities. These State lands also contain 141 miles of classified streams which are buffered by lush, filtering forest cover and fishing opportunity.

Final Plan

A final Unit Management Plan was issued July 2015, which incorporates public comment received during public meetings and through written comments.

Downloadable Documents

This is a large document and may be slow to download. You can download parts of the plan below.

Final Tug Hill North Unit Management Plan (Full PDF) (7.9 MB)

Figure 2 - Soils Maps (PDF) (3.62 MB)
Figure 3 - Water Resources Maps (PDF) (1.34 MB)
Figure 5 - Facilities and Recreation Maps (PDF) (3.75 MB)
Figure 6 - Forest Stand Maps (PDF) (3.83 MB)

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