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Pharsalia Woods Unit Management Plan

The Pharsalia Woods Unit Management Plan consists of five forests in Chenango County: New Michigan State Forest (Chenango 5),Pitcher Springs State Forest (Chenango 16),Perkins Pond State Forest (Chenango 22), New Michigan State Forest (Chenango 24, a separate unit from Chenango 5) and Pigeon Hill State Forest (Chenango 36). The forests are located in the towns of Pharsalia, Plymouth, Pitcher, and Otselic and cover 13,622 acres of land.

It is the policy of the Department to manage State forests for multiple uses to serve the People of New York State. The Pharsalia Woods Unit Management Plan is the basis for supporting a multiple use goal through the implementation of specific objectives and management strategies. The management will be carried out to ensure the sustainability, biological improvement and protection of the Unit's ecosystems and to optimize the many benefits to the public that these State Forests provide. The multiple use goal will be accomplished through the applied integration of compatible and sound land management practices.

The Pharsalia Woods Unit Management Plan is based on a long-range vision for the management area. Specific goals and objectives to support that vision have been developed to implement management activities on the Unit for the next 20 years with a review in five years and an update due in 10 years. It should be noted that factors such as wood product markets, changing social mores, budget and staffing constrains and forest health conditions may, at the judgment of the Regional Forester, necessitate deviations from the schedule.

Article 9, Title 7, of the Environmental Conservation Law authorizes the Department of Environmental Conservation to provide for the management of lands acquired outside the Adirondack and Catskill Parks. Management is defined as watershed protection, the production of timber and other forest products, recreation and kindered purposes. The Draft State Forest Land Master Plan provides the overall direction and framework for meeting this legal mandate.

Currently the forests in the Unit contain 231 acres of roads and developed areas, 9 acres of quarries, 11 acres of open land, 58 acres of shrub land, 347 acres of open/shrub wetlands, 1,603 acres of forest wetlands, 751 acres of mixed hardwoods/natural conifers, 5,558 acres of natural hardwoods, and 5,054 acres of conifer plantation. The remote character of many areas on the Unit provide ideal conditions for recreational activities such as wildlife observation, pleasure driving, hiking, hunting, trapping and snowmobiling. The tornado that impacted this area in 1998 created approximately 1,000 acres of disturbed shrub/young-forest land with hundreds of standing snap trees. This area has attracted interest from the public for nature observation, as it is remarkably different from much of the surrounding area.

Hunting, fishing and trapping are permitted anywhere on the Unit, except where prohibited by regulation, law or sign. Snowmobiling is one of the most popular activities on the Unit. The Nine Mile Trail on Chenango RA #5 and 24 is part of the Corridor Trail 7 and is a popular regional destination of snowmobiling. The unit does not contain any bodies of open water, so activities such as fishing are limited. A portion of the Finger Lakes Trail traverses through the Unit on Chenango RA #22 for 0.9 miles and Chenango RA #5 for 4.0 miles. located in the northwest corner of Chenango County and extends southeast across the county.


Pharsalia Woods Unit Management Plan- Part 1 (PDF) (96 pages, 1.4 mB)

Pharsalia Woods Unit Management Plan- Part 2 (PDF) (125 pages, 3.3 mB)

Pharsalia Woods Unit Management Plan- Maps, Part 1 (PDF) (8 pages, 3.9 mB)

Pharsalia Woods Unit Management Plan- Maps, Part 2 (PDF) (4 pages, 4.7 mB)

Pharsalia Woods Unit Management Plan- Maps, Part 3 (PDF) (8 pages, 4.0 mB)

Pharsalia Woods Unit Management Plan- Maps, Part 4 (PDF) (8 pages, 4.4 mB)

Pharsalia Woods Unit Management Plan- Maps, Part 5 (PDF) (6 pages, 2.9 mB)

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