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New York ReLeaf

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New York ReLeaf is a partnership between the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC), the NYS Urban Forestry Council (a not-for-profit organization), and anyone interested in the care of community trees. The purpose of ReLeaf is to leverage the expertise and passion of those involved to inform and educate others about the importance of and how to care for community trees and improve the places where we live. Each DEC region has a ReLeaf Committee made of volunteers who may be: municipal officials, department of public works (DPW) staff, tree board members, arborists, planners, landscapers, and residents.

ReLeaf brings people together to share information about trees and ways to improve the future of trees where we live. ReLeaf creates partnerships between forestry professionals and dedicated citizens. It harnesses the financial resources of government and the private sector; provides an opportunity for talented volunteers to use their special skills to enhance the effort; and creates positive and permanent changes.

Why You Should Be Involved

ReLeaf is dedicated to our trees - today and for the future. Our communities' trees provide the oxygen we breathe, filter out air and water pollution, are nature's air conditioners, provide aesthetic benefits and generally improve our quality of life.

photo of tree planting

ReLeaf volunteers combine their enthusiasm for environmental action with the skills necessary to sustain that action. Forestry professionals teach the techniques of site and tree selection, along with planting and maintenance techniques to help our community trees live to become big, green and beautiful. ReLeaf volunteers help raise awareness of the importance of trees and share their technical knowledge with other organizations and their communities.

ReLeaf committees are located around New York State waiting for people like you to participate. Everyone has something to offer. Make connections with other groups and become involved with tree-related projects in your community. We can help you with that connection.

Join Us! Have Fun! Make a Difference!

Make a commitment to New York ReLeaf and make a commitment to trees. Volunteers are an important part of ReLeaf's success.

ReLeaf is a project of the Urban Forestry Program within the Division of Lands and Forests. To join ReLeaf, contact the regional forestry office near you.

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