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Urban and Community Forestry Grants

General Overview

DEC is committed to providing support and assistance to communities in comprehensive planning, management, and education to create healthy urban and community forests, and enhance the quality of life for urban residents through its Cost Share Grant program.

Eligible project categories included tree inventories and management plans; tree planting, maintenance and education programming. Funds are made available from the Environmental Protection Fund and will be managed and allocated by DEC.

At least $2.2 million in Environmental Protection Fund grants will be available. Communities may request from $11,000 to $75,000, depending on municipal population. Eligible project categories include tree inventories and management plans, tree planting, tree maintenance and education programming. Some categories require a 25% match of the grant amount. Grant proposals will be evaluated for cost effectiveness, projected benefits, use of recommended standards in implementation, community outreach and education, support, and regional impact. Appropriate consideration should be given to under-served neighborhoods, as well as environmental issues that could be addressed with green solutions. DEC foresters will provide technical assistance to applicants and assist with tree lists for planting grants. View a list of DEC regional offices.

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How to Apply

Applications must be submitted on the NYS Grants Gateway by 2PM on July 12, 2018 for urban and community forestry projects throughout neighborhoods and parks to provide environmental, economic, and social benefits, and improved quality of life for New York residents. Paper applications will not be accepted.

For more information on how to apply visit the Grants Gateway website (leaves DEC's website).