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Forest Management Assistance

The Forest Stewardship Program

If you are looking to protect and improve your woodland, the New York DEC Forest Stewardship Program can help you. DEC service foresters can provide you no cost one-on-one technical assistance that includes creating a stewardship plan tailored to your goals and objectives.

Forest Management Assistance

A DEC service forester will visit you upon request. They will accompany you on a tour of your woodland and outline the existing forest management opportunities. The forester will develop a forest stewardship management plan with recommendations based on good forestry practices that reflect your goals and objectives of ownership. The plan will enable you to realize multiple benefits from your land. This service is free to all private non-industrial forest landowners.

Who is Eligible?

All private forest landowner who are looking for management and technical advice are eligible. There is no minimum forest acreage needed to participate in this program.

How to Obtain Services

DEC Service Foresters can help you get started with a forest stewardship plan. Contact the DEC office that services your county. Ask for information about the Forest Stewardship Program.

Additional Forest Management Assistance

The Forest Stewardship Program is designed to encourage landowners to work with private foresters in managing their woodlots. Increasing contact between landowners and professional foresters will promote wise stewardship of forest land in New York. Private consulting foresters can provide detailed technical services to landowners. Such services consist of timber sale administration, including timber marking, bid solicitation and sale inspection, as well as wildlife habitat management, forest stand improvement, recreational trail development, and erosion prevention measures. Additional information on this program and a list of private foresters who participate can be found on the Cooperating Forester Program web page.

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