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The State of the Hudson Report

How is the Hudson doing?

Cover of the state of the Hudson report showing the river

That is the number one question on people's minds when conversation turns to the river, and it goes to the heart of measuring our success in sustaining the Hudson. To answer it, the Hudson River Estuary Program has produced The State of the Hudson 2015. In layperson's language, this illustrated report concisely describes progress and identifies ongoing problems. It looks at water quality, habitat, biodiversity, and fish and wildlife in the estuary and its watershed as well as climate change challenges and stewardship initiatives.

You can use the links below to download a PDF version of the document.

The State of the Hudson 2015 (PDF) (35.5 MB) This is a large document with fairly high resolution and may be slow to download. As an alternative you may download specific sections using the links below.

Sections for easy download

A young American shad

Each of these sections will display as a two-page spread, but print as two separate pages.