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Water Well Contractor Program

ECL §15-1525 (leaves DEC website) requires any business conducting water well drilling activities to register annually with DEC before doing business anywhere in New York State. The water well contractor must notify DEC prior to commencement of drilling a water well and file a Water Well Completion Report with DEC upon completion of a water well. A copy of this report must also to be provided to the owner of the water well.

Water well standards are determined by the NYS Department of Health (DOH). Appendix 5-B, Standards for Water Wells (leaves DEC website) contains specifications for location, construction, well yield, pumps, control of flowing wells, separation standards, well decommissioning, and more.

ECL §15-1502 (leaves DEC website) provides definitions of terms included in ECL §15-1525. The enforcement provisions of ECL §15-1525 are provided in ECL §71-1115 (leaves DEC website).

To report an unregistered water well contractor, please visit Report an Environmental Problem.

Consumer Information and Protection

Many New Yorkers rely on wells for drinking water. If you need to have a new water well drilled or an existing well repaired, you should know that consumers are protected under ECL §15-1525. The DEC Consumer Protection Guide (PDF) contains information that you may find useful. The Water Well Contractor Search Tool will help you find a contractor in your area that is currently registered with DEC.

Several other agencies also have information available to aid consumers. Topics include basic water well construction, water well system components, drilling methods, maintenance and cleaning, water quality and quantity, treatment, and more. See "Links Leaving DEC's Website" on the right-hand column for additional information for water well contracting and ownership.

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