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Flood Protection Projects

Flooding in downtown Binghamton, NY - Chemung River. 2006
Flooding in Binghamton, NY - Chenango R. 2006

A flood is a natural reoccurring event. No manmade project can stop a flood from happening. Several methods are used to reduce flood damages and risks, some involve direct human intervention into watercourses and others focus on floodplain management and regulation. Two of the most important strategies for safeguarding life from floods are improving weather predictions and flood emergency preparedness.

What Causes Floods?

  • Severe rain events
  • Rapid snow melt
  • Hurricanes
  • Debris and ice jams blocking or reducing channel flow
  • Over-development
  • Deforestation, and loss of wetlands
  • Global climate change
  • Dam or levee failures

Flood Damage Reduction Methods

More about Flood Protection Projects:

  • Project Details & Maps - Contains a map to identify the location of state maintained flood protection projects, and details for those projects.
  • Structural Project Features & Types - A listing and summary of various typical structural project features and other structural types of flood protection projects.