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Hudson River Estuary Program

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Helping People Enjoy, Protect , and Revitalize the Hudson River

About the Hudson River Estuary Program

The Hudson River Estuary Program helps people enjoy, protect, and revitalize the Hudson River and its valley. The program focuses on the tidal Hudson and adjacent watershed from the federal dam at Troy to the Verrazano Narrows in New York City, including upper New York-New Jersey Harbor (see map of Hudson River Estuary Program Boundary (PDF). The program works with many groups to develop knowledgeable and effective stewards of the estuary, using an understanding of the river's ecology as a foundation for its work.

With projects that help manage and restore key species like striped bass and bald eagles, estuary grants have allowed counties, towns and villages in the Hudson River Valley to take ownership of their resources and define the future of their communities while contributing to the overall health and beauty of the region. Cooperation with partners such as the Hudson River National Estuarine Research Reserve (leaves DEC website) is key to the Hudson River Estuary Program's success. Read 2020 State of the Hudson (leaves DEC website) for more information on progress to restore the Hudson River Estuary.

A Day in the Life of the Hudson and Harbor

The 20th Annual Day in the Life of the Hudson and Harbor takes place Thursday, October 13. During this one-day event, shorefronts along the Hudson River and the piers of New York Harbor are busy with activity as thousands of students equipped with seine nets, minnow pots, and water testing gear collect data on the Hudson's fish and invertebrates, track the river's tides and currents, and examine water chemistry and quality. Training workshops, online lesson plans, specialized equipment, data from previous years, and other resources are provided to educators. The Hudson River Estuary Program co-sponsors the event with the Hudson River National Estuarine Research Reserve. It is produced with assistance from the Columbia Climate School Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, which hosts the Day in the Life website (leaves DEC website).

view of hudson river and mountains
Find out about the web of life in the tidal Hudson and the interconnected initiatives of DEC's Hudson River Estuary Program. Watch Connected: The Hudson River Estuary (leaves DEC website).

Action Agenda

The program is guided by an Action Agenda, a conservation and restoration blueprint developed with significant community input. The Hudson River Estuary Program collaborates with many partners including nonprofit organizations, academic and scientific institutions, businesses, local governments, state and federal agencies, and interested citizens. The Estuary Program offers a variety of programs to support our partners, including:

  • Education and training
  • Technical assistance and grants
  • Research, monitoring, and mapping
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Hudson River Almanac

The Hudson River Almanac is a weekly, natural history newsletter that covers the Hudson from the High Peaks of the Adirondacks to New York Harbor. It seeks to capture the river's spirit, magic, and science by presenting observations from many individuals who delight in the diversity of nature in the Hudson Valley. Subscribe by entering your name in the DEC DELIVERS box. Share your observations with other Hudson River lovers by e-mailing them to compiler Tom Lake. Observations for a given week should be sent in by 9:00 pm on the following Monday. See something really special? Call (845) 297-8935.

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Hudson RiverNet

  • Volunteer and Grant Opportunities
  • Events, activities, and news related to the Hudson River
  • Education, training, and community planning assistance
  • Research results and updates on restoration projects and natural resource conservation


The Hudson River Environmental Conditions Observing System (HRECOS) (leaves DEC website) is a network of near-real-time water quality and weather monitoring stations in the Hudson River Watershed. Stations record water quality and weather conditions every 15 minutes and transmit data in near real-time to the HRECOS website.

Hudson River Estuary Management Advisory Committee

The Hudson River Estuary Management Advisory Committee steers the Hudson River Estuary program, which is built on sound science and principles of ecosystem-based management. The advisory committee includes representatives of the commercial fishing industry, recreational anglers, utility companies, local government, educators, researchers, conservationists and other river users helps engage many representatives of the public in working together toward common goals.

The Hudson River Estuary Management Advisory Committee was established in 1987 under Section 11-0306 of the Environmental Conservation Law, known as the Hudson River Estuary Management Act. The committee's volunteer members are appointed by the DEC Commissioner and represent a variety of interests including commercial fishing, recreational uses, research, education, conservation, local government, marine trades and industry. The committee meets four times per year. View the minutes from each meeting below:

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