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Niagara River/Lake Erie Watershed

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Facts about this Watershed

Map of NYS identifying the Niagara River/Lake Erie Watershed
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The Niagara River/Lake Erie Watershed is located in western New York; in fact Lake Erie and its outlet, the Niagara River, represent the western boundary of the state. At its mouth the Niagara River drains an area encompassing more than 265,000 square miles in the north central United States and south central Canada. The drainage area beyond New York includes four of the five Great Lakes as well as some of the largest and most urban/industrial cities in North America.

Location: Western New York State

  • All of Erie County,
  • Much of Niagara, Genesee and Wyoming Counties, and
  • Portions of northern Cattaraugus and Chautauqua Counties.

Size: 2,280 square miles of land area within New York State.

Rivers and Streams: 4,086 miles of freshwater rivers and streams. Major tributary watersheds to the Niagara River and Lake Erie:

  • Tonawanda Creek (1,538 river miles)
  • Cattaraugus Creek (1,435 miles)
  • Buffalo River (1,006 miles)

Lakes, Ponds and Reservoirs: 24 significant freshwater lakes, ponds, and reservoirs (1,098 acres):

  • Attica Reservoir (173 acres)
  • Lime Lake (160 acres)

Great Lakes Shoreline: 92 miles of Great Lakes (Lake Erie) shoreline.

What You Can Do

Each of us lives in a watershed. On our Watershed Stewardship page are some tips on actions that you and your friends can take to help your watershed.

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